ARC over HDMI Extender Issues


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Hey All,

My family recently purchased a new home, and the previous owners left a number of high quality AV components that were installed by a professional - but all unplugged and stacked as they removed the furniture.
A full list of what they left is listed below, in case there's a component that I should be utilizing but that I'm not.
There's a CAT 5 cable running an extensive distance through the walls, both ends connecting to a pair of Binary brand B-540-EXT-330-RS-IP HDMI Extenders.

I've hooked both of these up to a Sony STR-ZA2000E receiver they left, and a Sony XBR-75X850D TV. HDMI works, I can show my computer and the speakers they left work, but I'd like to be able to use the TV's built in OS with Netflix or whatever, and still be able to use the surround sound.

I've tried the original configuration the previous owners left, I've tried reconfiguring both a million times, and despite the 'Control for HDMI' option being on, and having tested every variable, I can't get any audio return (Although the Bravia link feature allows the volume value to be synchonized between the receiver and tv, and other little features like that).

I figure the problem is with the HDMI extenders, but I can find no documentation confirming or denying ARC compatibility with them, and I figure the previous owners had to have had it working somehow. They also left a Control4 Hub thing that I haven't figured out yet, would this fix my issue somehow?

Has anyone worked with these components more than I, and knows what my problem is? I'm just used to running an optical cable with my HDMI.

Thanks for your time!

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