ARC isssues with Samsung TV and Onkyo receiver


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I have a Samsung UN 65F8000AFXZC Smart TV and an Onkyo TX-N828 receiver (both purchased in September 2014) powering Mirage Tower front and surround speakers, Mirage Nanosat back surrounds with Mirage Centre and Subwoofer speakers.

The ARC connection has become unstable.

I will be watching TV and will lose the sound.

I can reset the connection by unplugging the TV and receiver from power and disconnecting the ARC HDMI connections and leaving it for a bit. However when everything is reconnected it will work for a short period of time sometimes hours sometimes a few days then it will lose sound again.

I have spoken with AV service companies and have been given different responses as to what the issue is. One response is that the Samsung TV’s HDMI Arc is the problem. The second response is that the Onkyo receiver’s HDMI ARC is the problem. I have also been told to just replace the TV and receiver.

I understand that because of Onkyo’s move out of North America and the problem with computer chips that parts are not available for the Onkyo at all. In addition it appears parts for the Samsung TV are not readily available.

As there are no other issues with either the TV or reciver I would rather not have to replace both units.

I am trying to determine which unit has the ARC problem.

I currently have all of my devices connected to the HDMI ports of the Samsung TV with an Optical cable connection to the Onkyo receiver. This works OK however the sound is not as full as when using the ARC connection.

I have a Roku connected to the HDMI port on the Samsung TV that is used for the ARC connection. There are no issues passing the Roku signal through to the TV.

How do I determine whether it is the ARC connection on TV or the Onkyo that has the issue?


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ARC is not a strict standard so it could be software bugs in TV or something else failing but its hard to say what as its a closed system. You'd need to have a spare TV to test with to narrow it down.

The most basic thing to try is change the HDMI cable between the AVR and TV ARC port in case its a physical cable issue.

ARC/optical carry the same digital audio formats, PCM (stereo), Dolby/DTS, if something sounds different to you then its likely a result of the AVR processing the audio with a different effect in ARC & optical mode.


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I have a very similar issue. After 4 years of use, my onkyo HT-R494 suddenly stopped receiving signal from my Samsung TV ARC port. Tried tons of troubleshootings and nothing works. It keeps loading the input (see attachment) but it returns a failure message.
Being using an optical cable and works fine, but sound quality dropped conderably and I lost dolby atmos and true hd functionalities as optical wont support it. Problem seems to be on receiver port, because I cant even get the video from the interface with all the adjustiments anynore.
I will test the receiver pairing with another TV ARC port in a couple of weeks.


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