ARC help with TV and AV receiver


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AV Receiver (AVR) - Yamaha RX-A1070
Television - Sony KDL-46W905A

My Skybox, connected to AVR inputs HDMI-1, Blu Ray to HDMI-3.
My Sony TV input HDMI-1 (arc) connected to AVR output HDMI-1 (arc)

Occasionally I stream video from my NAS box using the TV media player. In order to get sound I use an optical cable between the AVR and TV and manually choose Audio One on the AVR.

With regard to arc, I have enabled HDMI control on both devices and Bravia Sync on the TV. Bravia Sync brings some niceties to the table such as turning on the TV and the AVR from the TV remote or turning on the TV the Blu Ray player and the AVR from the Blu Ray remote. However the AVR on screen / option overlays do not display unless I disable Bravia Sync.

In any case I have been unsuccessful in getting arc to work for the NAS stream. Is this actually possible or am I expecting too much?


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So pass-through works over optical but not ARC with the media player.

It's possible the engineers of the media player never coded it to support passing audio that way, TV software engineers are not exactly good to begin with.

Is the firmware of the TV up to date, it is an older 2013 model and the last firmware was released in 2016. Is there any Emby or Plex client in the app portal for this TV (very unlikely).

Some TV's require ARC config so PCM = stereo and Auto = DD/DTS, check the TV audio settings change it from PCM to whatever else it offers...

Other than that it may be time to invest in something a bit more up to date like a Amazon FireTV, it will work with ARC/CEC (bravia sync) and you use a third party media player on it like MrMC that should handle all of your media needs.


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Ok many thx. That's it, optical fine no return through ARC. I am intending to upgrade to the Sony AF9 OLED at some stage if reviews are good so will take a look again then.

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