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ARC from TV excessively turning off receiver


Novice Member
I have a Samsung Q7F55(2018) connected to a Denon AVR-X1500H using ARC, both only a few months old.

Since the start, I've had this annoying issue where (seemingly) the TV tells the receiver to turn off too much.

I.e. the following series of events:
1) I turn on the TV, the receiver turns on automatically (expected).
2) After watching TV, I turn it off, the receiver automatically turns off as well (expected).
3) A few seconds later I turn on the receiver - say because I wanted to listen to the tuner instead.
4) Then suddenly a few seconds later the receiver just turns off.
5) I turn it on again, and maybe half a minute to 1 minute later it turns off again!
6) I turn it on again, and this time it remains on with out problems.

To me, it seems like the ARC is commanding the receiver to turn off (again, and more than once) quite a while after the TV actually turned off, and already told the receiver to do so.

Any thoughts? Similar experiences?


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CEC is just a complete mess basically. Turn off all the auto power aspects of CEC in both devices and get a Harmony remote would be my advice.


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Just because CEC is said to work doesn't mean it does as manufacturers all do it very slightly differently - turn it off and save yourself the frustration. Harmony remote as DT79 said is the way to go.


Novice Member
Thanks guys! Once I'm in front of the equipment later today I will explore the configuration options on both and see if it allows me to do so.

I don't even mind sticking to multiple remotes, but the voodoo of my receiver seemingly having it's own mind is just plain annoying and makes me question the sanity of the receiver.


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CEC can work ok enough. I have the deep joy of my AVR turning on the TV too often for my liking: so that the OSD can be used with the source. But that's rectified by turning TV off again.

You may be wise, if requiring to use the AVR that soon after watching TV to select the AVR input away from TV (ARC) in to what you plan to listen to before turning off the TV? and see the result?

You need CEC control on for ARC to work on most systems.


Distinguished Member
If you go into the AV receiver's HDMI configuration you'll see a setting called POWER OFF CONTROL. Turn this off and your TV should no longer be able to put your AV receiver into standby. Note that your TV will no longer get the 2 devices to synchronise their power status while this option is turned off.

Deleted member 840450

Hey there, I know this post is old, but I started to get the same issues. I found a way around it (without investing in a Harmony). CEC is a nice feature, except on power controls.

I have a Q6F65, so it's basically the same hardware on the TV. Next to that, I have a Denon AVR-X2400H. I figured that the AVR have an HDMI power control setting in Setup > Video > HDMI Setup > Power Off Control. If you set this to Video, the AVR will only turn off on CEC commands, if the receiver is on a video source. That way, if you turn your receiver on to listen to the tuner or some other HEOS source, it will ignore any CEC power off command the TV sends to it

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