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Arab sat on hotbird/ LNB Out Socket


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Hi there!

Not sure if these arabsat issues are covered here, or apologies if I have misplaced this thread,

I currently have a HUMAX receiver receiving arab channels on Hotbird in my lounge, I want to pipe the signal to another TV in my kitchen, QUESTION is:

I know I can run an additional cable from my dish to the Kitchen TV with another receiver in the kitchen, but what I want to know is, can I change the receiver in my lounge to a better one (maybe with RF out) then run a coax from the receiver in lounge to the new receiver or straight to TV in my kitchen either via RF or LNB out.

My Humax has 1 LNB out socket free but no RF socket.

I know that if I was to run cable from the dish to kitchen I would need to 1. get up to the dish (on roof) and 2. change the LNB (as currently is single connection) which I dont really want to do,

Is there an easier/simplier way to do this?, keeping in mind that its IMPORTANT that I can watch different channels at the sametime on both TVs.

Can the LNB out be used to run coax to another Humax receiver and can I watch different channels this way?

Many Thanks in advance for your suggestions and answers, Please help...



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My Humax Receiver has an LNB out on the rear, can I run coax from LNB out to another Humax receiver and watch different channels at the sametime?

Many Thanks

PS Im aware that this is a simplified question to my other one below, but please try to answer my other one too as there are other questions in it.


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Basically yes but it does have severe limitations in that only channels of the same polarisation and frequency band as the Humax is tuned to can be received on the second receiver when Humax is being used for recording or viewing. Its prime purpose on this receiver is feed tuner 2 when only a single cable feed is available and has the same limitations on what second tuner can view as above. I believe it also has other limitations that it also can only be used fully for second receiver when the Humax is in standby.

This is down to the way the receiver sends control signals to the lnb telling it which block (of 4 different ones) of signals to send down the cable to receiver and two tuners on one cable would be sending conflicting signals to the lnb. The Humax HDR gets round this in "single feed mode" by noe allowing conflicting choices and "greying out" the conflicting channels and not allowing you to choose them when one tuner is already in use - something which would be next to impossible to do when using a second separate receiver.
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No you cannot watch two different channels from one receiver at the same time. Although there are many satellite receivers with two tuners (which allows record one channel and record another or record two) there is no receiver on the market at the moment which has two completely separate sets of output circuitry (audio and video). I have only ever seen one receiver ever with this capability and it was Freeview DTT PVR - the Pace Twin.

You will need another cable from dish to kitchen to another receiver in the kitchen to allow full choice of channels there - see your other thread for why.
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You can watch channels on 2 different pol's on 2 receivers fed by 1 lnb... it depends on a number of factors.

What channels/ tps are they?

Also, you could add a modulator to the Humax to distribute just the TV picture from the one in the lounge & perhaps add an IR extender or use a wiresless sender, if that is an option you are still looking at.

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