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Your local shop will always be good, they will or should look after you.

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I agree with the LFS (local fish store) route. However, they might not have the particular design of aquarium that you want as in the end, it's a piece of furniture as well as an aquarium and some of them are pretty naff. I can't remember where I got mine from but it's a Rena. If you can't find anything you like, consider the custom option. There are a number of custom aquarium manufacturers that will do any size of tank, base and lid you want in a variety of finishes rather than the usual beech/ash finishes that are in the shops. I have bought a number of accessories online over the years from various sites (google is your friend) inc. swelluk etc. but these days, I buy most things from my LFS. For plant stuff though, I go online as I struggle to find a good selection of lighting, ferts etc. in my LFS.

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Liam_G said:
Best place to buy aquariums and accecories online?
If you know what you're doing then eBay. Go cost up some new tanks (from anywhere) then go see what any of them sell for s/h on eBay. The depreciation is worse than S-class Mercs.

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