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OK, so I've come from Wii-land in anticipation of games like GT5 and some decent FPS's.

However, I find myself drawn to one of the BEST and most relaxing games on the Wii......Endless Ocean.

....well....actually a PS3 "clone" of it:

Aquanaut's Holiday.

The premise appears to be identical - swim around looking at fishes. Sounds boring? Actually it's one of the best games I've played online too (once swam for neigh on an hour with a friend without realising how late it was :eek:).

However, I can't really find out much info on the net on this PS3 one. From the fact that Japanese trailers are out, I would guess that at least a release date has been set but I can't even find that (not for EU anyway).
After not finding any threads here, I thought I'd test the waters (ba-doom tish) and see if anyone else had any info on it?


P.S. Just in case you were expecting an uber-shooter, try EO on the Wii first before dismissing definitely is one of the gems in the Wii lineup :)..... nice to see PS3 isn't just driving and shooting games.

P.P.S. Ignore the crappy music from the vids....I'm sure they'll also allow your own playlists as EO does :).


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Never heard of this before. Maybe there'll be some info at the Tokyo Game Show this week?

Definitely one for all the Jacques Cousteau fans. :smashin:


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Looks good, an underwater Afrika, which probably means it'll never be released outside of Japan either!

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Remake of a PS1 game apparently

Yep.....although to be fair, so was Warhawk and that's "a good'un" ;).

I don't think that this will trump the control system on the Wii's Endless Ocean though - with that, you just hold the wiimote with one hand and tilt it.
I'm guessing the PS3 version will be a two handed tilt or two handed analogue stick affair :(.

AH should obviously trump EO in HD viusuals though :smashin:.

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Well, after being disappointed that it wouldn't be released here officially, I found out there is an Asian-English version:

I'm not sure about whether the downloadable content (if there is any) will be English or Cantonese, but seeing as I doubt this will ever be released over here, I was mighty tempted to just order it anyway (if it does come here, it'll probably be after a looooooooooong time, so I thought I would take a gamble).

Then I read the small print and it seems that Play-Asia won't ship to the UK :mad: ......but yes-asia do :):
YESASIA: Aquanaut's Holiday (Chinese & English Edition)

Although they're charging £35 not including import charges/VAT :eek: ....... "I might as well get it from fleabay" I thought (although I try to steer clear of fleabay if I can).

So off I go to Ebay and ended up just ordering it for £32 :smashin: (hopefully they mark it as a gift so I don't get hit by import duty)


It appears to be the Chinese/English version. Notice that little dualshock icon on the cover? That along with the words Chinese & English version below it confirmed it ;).
The reason to belabour the point is that there are about 4 versions available.....all called "Asian Version" of which none of the others have that dualshock logo on them:
Japanese - Asian version
Chinese - Asian version
Korean - Asian version
Chinese/English - Asian version

This one is the only version which does have full English subs as well as manual and in-game labels/descriptions (so be careful which Asian version you're buying) etc etc:

I just got the Asian version that is supposed to be in "English/Chinese".... I can confirm that the game is completely in English.
The save date icon and name is "Aquanaut's Holiday Hidden Memories"
The trophies icon is "Aquanaut's Holiday"
The only thing non-English is some trophy descriptions----with English dashboard:
Trophy list = japanese.
Compare Trophies = english. (so comparing a friends shows them up in english)

However, I think that should really be restated as Chinese/Engrish apparently :D:

"What in the world was Bill going to do by collecting Meme? In my head, Bill's challenging words were ringing. Mr. Pursuer, collect Meme ... and his words."

Best nonsense yet.

Here is the overall gist of the game:
  • You start off in Kisira Base which is some aquatic research place on some islands
  • You then chat with Kemmelman and Jessica, two researchers who work on the base
  • Then go underwater in your minisub the Dolphin-Go, which has its own Ai, to go watch various fish
  • Also you spend your time replacing batteries of SonoBuoys (Sonar Pods basically), which extend the area you can explore
  • Not only do you get to watch fish, you get to take pictures of them (which can be exported to your XMB), and sing with them

....and here are some screenshots:












I'll now try and second guess the pro's and con's (ordered a couple of days ago so will take 5-12 days to arrive):

  • 720p with antialiasing pictures as c.f. EO (480p with little aa)
  • No "short boundary" to your exploration area I hope (I'd like a much bigger area in which to swim in at a time)
  • There are trophies in this (although I don't care about them too much in this particular game really, it might add a tiny little something to the overall experience)

  • Navigating by tilting the Wiimote will probably be FAR superior to either a two handed traditional analogue stick affair a la PS3 controller OR even using the PS3 tilt mechanism to swim (it's far less sensitive/accurate than the wiimote imo).
  • I don't think you can dive online in AH as you can in EO :(
  • I'm not sure you can dive with your own soundtracks like you can in EO

If the last point is true, then I'll trade this in ASAP as I find the music in EO to be one of the highlights re:relaxation (the in game music from those AH vids sounds pretty rubbish to me).

Anyway, the above is speculation on my part......I'll pen a full review once it's been delivered :).


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nicely done :thumbsup: glad to see someone is going to be the guinea pig :D really interested in these meditative games Afrika, Endless ocean (which I have), Flower (which apparently makes great use of the sixxaxis so maybe its better than we think?)


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Although they're charging £35 not including import charges/VAT ....... "I might as well get it from fleabay" I thought (although I try to steer clear of fleabay if I can).

Didn't they just raise the threshold before which you pay duty on items from outside the EU to around £100 or did I completely imagine that?

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Happy to be the guinea pig if this is anything like EO :smashin:.

I wasn't sure about the import duty but I would've thought in the current climate they'd be aiming to reduce imports (get us to buy locally).....although I was always crap at economics so I'm probably wrong :D.

No sight nor sound from the ebay seller yet though (not even any communication saying "thank you for winning/paying" or anything) so I'm a tad worried about whether I'll recieve this in 2008 or not :( (here's hoping).


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Trophy tart ;)

So am I right in understanding this is a sandbox type of game? Swim where you want etc....obviously within limits.

Pretty much... I think :)

Think you have to find new species of fish and sing to them ??? Or some other wacky oriental idea :)

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I've ordered this off e-bay on Sunday, it was shipped on Monday. Hopefully arrive tomorrow :thumbsup:

Great :thumbsup:.
How comes you got it so fast :eek: (must be a UK seller? - I just searched again and only found HK ones :(......
......I've messaged my seller btw, hoping to get a tracking number to ensure I get it before Xmas :D).

EDIT: Oh, I see, you bought something like this. TBH I would've stumped up the £1 extra and got a brand new one in full English instead, but if you wanted it in a hurry I can see why you plumped for that one ;).
Let us know how you find it when it arrives as it looks like you'll get yours waaaaay before I do mine :smashin:.
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Oops sorry, I completely missed them (facepalm for Gaffer - at least you'll get a pristine English copy with prompt delivery :smashin:).

Anyways, as mentioned, let us know how you find it when it arrives. I'm hoping it will allow our own tracks to be played as well as online multiplayer, but the fact that the latter isn't mentioned means I'll settle for the "own tracks" feature instead :D.
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Here you go:


Very nice :thumbsup: cheers for that, looks amazing but still could go either way as to whether the 'world' will be engaging. I wonder why these games are not marketed in the west, have they tried and they failed? are they big business in the east? Certainly has the ability to change peoples perceptions when they dismiss video games as a non educational/ and Violent past time - I'm looking at you daily mail!


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Oops sorry, I completely missed them (facepalm for Gaffer - at least you'll get a pristine English copy with prompt delivery :smashin:).

Anyways, as mentioned, let us know how you find it when it arrives. I'm hoping it will allow our own tracks to be played as well as online multiplayer, but the fact that the latter isn't mentioned means I'll settle for the "own tracks" feature instead :D.

It arrived this morning, I can confirm it's the Chinese + English version with all instructions/in game menus in English :smashin:


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Trophy tart ;)

How dare thee !!!! :)

Seriously, although this game has something like 50 Trophies you are going to have to put in some serious hours to get them. It's no "turn it on and get 8 trophies Little Big Planet" style. 5 hours in and I have got 3 Bronzes for opening up 3 new Seas. I reckon the trophy avalanche on this will come towards the end of the game, if you can remember the level 20 singing fish's combo's *shudder.


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I'll try and paraphrase what i've said to about the 10 people on my friends list who have already asked me about it :) Lot easier to type my thoughts here :)

Graphics are lovely, although you might think that because it's 99% underwater it all looks a bit samey, but I think the developers have done a pretty good job of making the different Sea's have their own distinctive look/feel. I have noticed a little bit of slow down when there is a massive school (spelling?) of fish pelting around, but thats the only negative looks wise. The fish all look great, especially some of the bigger ones where you can see more detail.

I'll split the sound into two parts. The positive first :)

Effects are great, from gentle bubbling to the rushing of hundreds of fish. One thing I would say is a 5.1 surround system is definitely advantageous to help locate Twittering (yes, I said Twittering - kind of sonar/singing element of the game) fish behind you.

The music is pretty much standard faire for an "oriental" only released game, i.e. bloody awful. When you first boot up the game you are "treated" to a full four minute ballad with full on subtitles, that I have decided is pretty much the worst song I have ever heard. The in game music on the menus etc is slightly better, but not much. But at least you can laugh at it's high cheeseyness.

The controls are initially annoying, your submarine thingy seems clunky and the dual stick movements take a bit of getting used to. After a few hours though it all starts to click.

The structure of the game is not just a float around do nothing sandbox type of arrangement. You actually have missions to complete and because you move around quite slowly the areas to explore are thankfully just about the right size. You never get lost and there is also a pretty sweet looking map system which allows you (later in the game) to jetison these GPS thingies that let you return to that point by clicking on them.

The game actually reminded me a bit of the old RPG's of the golden 16bit era on the SNES even though it's a different genre. You do feel as though they really wanted to put a cool story to it, although it's really a bit lame. You do kind of level up your sub by adding more batteries, GPS thingies, increasing speed, boost etc. The biggest comparison to the old RPG's though is the text based conversations, even though you only ever talk to two people everytime you go back to base it usually involves a 5 minute converation with both of them. Plus you sub speaks (at length :) ) to you in the same way. Seemed kind of weird playing a game 16bit game mechanics in shiney HD :)

To conclude the game is not perfect, but it definetley fits into the category of "one of those gems that never gets a western release, and you can kind of see why, but you love it anyway". This game will not appeal to the hardcore 1st person shooter brigade, you have to play this game at a lot slower speed. But it certianly has charm and is definetley different to the endless barrage of shooters.

If you are looking for something different or just after a change of pace I definitely recommend this, especially now you can get the Chiness + English version that is 100% English (although there are a few laughable translation issues :) )

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