April 2021 Photo Competition Voting Thread

April 2021 Photo Competition - Voting Poll

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Well done to those who entered, good to see some new faces :thumbsup:

The theme for April was "Organic close up"! :cool:

Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there!


TBC a huge thank you to Gordon @ for his continued support throughout the years and his offer of a free ISF calibration to a TV/projector of your choice to the winner :thumbsup:

The closing date for votes will be shown at the top of the poll and don't forget that all votes are public so no voting for yourself :nono:

Also if you have entered a picture then you are expected to vote, else all votes accrued by you will be disallowed


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Pretty brilliant photos this month and loads of them - went with @JDR82 andthat Puffin! Such detail when you zoom in - and love those colours. Was a tough choice though


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Lots I liked and well done everyone for coming up with SO many entries, good month! Jonhmc, wongataa's bee emerging and Spanner were my favourites when I first saw them but Spanner had to win. That eye photo is amazing and it's kind of exactly what I had in my mind, what I hoped someone would come up with.


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A lot of entries this month, pressure is on for a good follow up theme @spannersatcx ...... I mean whoever is going to win this month, just no way to tell at the moment.


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wongataa for me this time . did love the spanners one too .


Well done to spannersatcx; new competition up and running very soon!


Well done @spannersatcx, I totally forgot about the comp and voting this month :facepalm:

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