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My daughter turns 13 next week and has expressed an interest in learning to play the piano and has asked for a keyboard for her birthday.
A few years ago she did go to piano lessons but she didn’t stick with it very long. I think she was too young and the lessons very very boring. Think an elderly widow teaching how to play amazing grace and playing scales and you will see how a 7 real old girl would soon get fed up.
I am keen to encourage her to learn piano as it is skill she could enjoy for the rest of her life. I have also always wanted to be able to play piano and as such rather than a keyboard I have bought a full size digital piano which we can both learn on. My wife may also give it a go.
I have been looking at apps that are available and Simply Piano looks pretty interesting. I know an app won’t be as good as a real teacher but I am hoping she will see it as more of a game with goals to reach and will be more interested in it.
Had anyone here tried any of the piano lesson apps. Any particular app you would recommend? I’m not against proper lessons but I just think she will be more encouraged using the app where she will get to choose songs she recognises and likes to learn.


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I can't personally help, but I do want to wish you and your daughter all the very best when it comes to learning.
Totally accept the need to be taught the type of music you are interested in, as long as it of course does incorporate the actual skills needed to play correctly and not just learn a few songs parrot fashion.
I myself tried to learn from Books many years ago. Got through book one, and it all went pear shaped at book two when you were expected to do more with your left hand than just cords :(
I think myself I'd need an actual teacher as it would give me the drive to know I had to learn the task I have been given in time for the next lesson (I need that motivation)

In your case I'd really look on YouTube and see what you can find there.
There are amazing courses on learning the Guitar on YouTube, and am sure there should also be many on the Piano also.
Getting to know a teacher on YouTube and following their lessons one step as a time, I would think would feel more engaging than via an "App"

Just my thoughts, and again, really wish you all the best with this.


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Motivation to learn is half the battle. Which brand piano have you bought I know Yamaha and Roland come with learning apps?
Whilst you could learn purely from an app/video I'd say finding a good teacher is necessary for the 'boring bits' like exercises and learning to read music which lay the foundation to progress beyond basic levels. There is a lot of good stuff available on YouTube etc. if you have the discipline to keep up with it, which may be the case for your daughter, but a real life teacher may be better for a younger learner for the additional feedback and support you get. Progress can at the start can be quite slow and frustrating.
My daughter's been learning for a few years now and despite some struggles along the way it's been a joy to see her progress and hear her playing with some proficiency now.
Good luck!

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Unfortunately, the foundation of learning to play any musical instrument well, is good technique backed up with muscle memory from endless scales.

Whilst it seems boring, it is the best way. Habits learnt now will be hard to break later, so make sure they are good habits and not bad technique limiting habits.


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Some great advice so thanks everyone. I will definitely look at the recommended YouTube lessons. I play guitar and use YouTube all the time learn new songs.
The App subscription I’m looking at costs about £100 a year which, while expensive, is pretty cheap compared to traditional lessons. If the app only keeps her interested for a few months and she then wants to attend lessons then I would consider it money well spent.


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You see this is where 'I myself' go wrong with learning :(
As you noted about an enjoyment for modern music, as I have/have.
And much of what may make a piece of music popular/loved may be the actual tone? of the sound itself as opposed to the actual notes played.
Hence why I was always, and still would be unable to 'only' purchase something that 'sounded' like a piano.
Songs you love, may be very simple from a 'what keys you press on the keyboard' point of view, but it's the actual sound/tone that comes from that keypress which makes or breaks the experience. For myself anyway.
Hence why I was unable and still am unable to only have a 'piano sound' to work with.
A more, shall we say? capable machine can of course offer an excellent 'piano experience' for perhaps formal lessons of finger movements, chords, coordination and that side of things.
But also allows you to have other tones to enjoy when wishing to perhaps play some pieces of music from artists you enjoy.
Does that make any sense?


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