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Ok, my mac has been behaving really wierd recently.

It began when I noticed that the trashcan won't empty unless I force it to (by holding alt when clicking empty) and the mac has become really unstable and now apps are just randomly quitting for no reason, eg - I had written a considerable length document in French in Pages and when I typed shift-cmd-s to save the document; the mac 'hung' for a sec and pages had completely quit, losing my document,
"Sacré Bleu! :mad:". Also, today when syncing my iPhone in iTunes, iTunes did the same as Pages did halfway through the sync! Google chrome has also become unusable because every download ends in the same quitting! In general my mac has been really slow recently, frequently beach-balling; seeing as I've had it less than a Year this seems like wierd behaviour.

I have reset disk-permissions several times (although seems to never actually change the permissions) and have run Onyx disk check and AppleJack; both of which said that I have no issue.:confused:

Does Anybody Know what I can do about this because I'm having to use Windows 7 for stability :eek:.

Also, iTunes in Windows 7 offers to import my voice memos from my iPhone to my library whereas iTunes in Snow Leopard does no such thing, how do I enable this?
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