Appropriate Subwoofer


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Thats a car subwoofer, as a general rule don't buy a cheap sub as it will sound poo. Take a look on ebay


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lol well whadda ya know lol that would have made me look more stupid than I am lol


And that's a subwoofer driver only, you would need to build an enclouse. IMO if you want a sub don't waste your money on low end sub, it'll make your system sound worse. I would look at a decent £300 sub at the very least.


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Cant afford it just spent 1800 on a tele and 650 on a sound sytem + 5 speakers.


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a sub is a significant upgrade to your system, like the replies in this post spend as much as you can afford on one!


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as a general rule don't buy a cheap sub as it will sound poo.

Save your pennies, for £300 - £400 you can get some cracking subs either new or second hand.


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Surely he doesn't need to spend £300-400, especially to go with a £300 AV reciever and £350 or so of speakers.

Have a look at the BK Electronics site, they do some excellent little subs according to most people on here starting at £150, have a look at the Ruark Vita 50 in the special offers section, according to people on here it's essentially the same sub as the £300 MJ 50 pro


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He doesn't need to do anything, I just can't recommend something I haven't heard :)

The SVS PB-10, I have heard and it sells for around £400 and is an excellent sub. I spent £150 on my first sub a Yammy and was happy enough but in retrospect it was more of a woofer than a sub-woofer.

The best thing is to listen to a few.

I certainly wouldn't say spending the extra on a sub would be wrong with his setup. I had a £1000 sub with a 7 year old £300 Receiver for over a year and it was great. A sub is arguably going to make the biggest difference to the way your system sounds and I would always recommend getting the best you can :)

Just my opinion of course ;)


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Ah nimbles, it seems only yesterday you were passing such nuggets of wisdom. :D

Nice to see you around btw :)

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