Apprenticeships in electrical/electronic engineering?


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I'm moving to Bristol in a few months and looking to start a new career in electrical/electronic engineering. Had a look at college courses but as I'm 22 most cost around £1,000+ a year. I've got a BTEC national diploma in Music Technology and did 2 years in uni before dropping out. I'm now looking at apprenticeships as it's a great way to get qualifications and experience plus it costs nothing and you get paid for it.
Anyone got any suggestions of companys in/around Bristol area that provide apprenticeships in electrical/electronic engineering?

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I managed to get an apprenticeship with BT when starting out many years ago, at that time the maximum age to get in was 18.

Your age might be against you, but give BT a try. Who knows...:)
Repeating what Alan said,i served my apprentiship many moons ago with Rolls Royce aero division.

The minimum age is 16, the older you are the less chance you have of being taken on. As Alan has said its still worth trying.



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Thanks, I had noticed some of them seemed to be 16-18 but surely there must be a few companies who offer apprenticeships to older people.
I have had a look at BT and couldn't see anything about age so will apply to them and see what they say.
As for Rolls Royce where abouts are they based?


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Unfortunately there aren't as many apprenticeships going as in the past but I beleive some companies are restarting them.

The Bristol area still has the Aero Iindustry, but to confuse things most are split into smaller groups.

British Aerospace, is now BAE SYSTEMS, also try MBDA,
EADS-AIRBUS and GNK are also on the same site.
Rolls Royce same area.

BT is, as said, is in Bristol

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