appreciation gained through multiple viewings



having just watched Gladiator for the umpteenth time i can only say the more you watch a film, the better it gets

ive got a modest home cinema setup - tosh 100e player, technics 940 receiver, technics satellites and a eltax sub - coupled to a 28" flatscreen panasonic telly, its a reasonable budget kit.

after a few viewings of a film, you can stop watching the actual film and start concentrating on the overall package - you look beyond the story, beyond the score - beyond the images themselves.

the scene in Gladiator, after the battle at the start - when Maximus is in the tent with Marcus - listen to the background - theres an entire roman camp in the room with you - animal noises, people chatting - a blacksmith at work.......

The beauty of dvd and a system to run it through is that it makes watching films impossible - you actually start to experience them - tell your friends people - they dont know what theyre missing


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Agreed, some films just get better the more you watch them... especially Ridley Scott films ;) (& Terry Gilliam)

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Agree as well. Have only seen Gladiator once, but look forward to "experiencing it" on later viewings :)

For me, David Lynch's movies get better with repeated viewings, as does Memento and Donnie Darko.

Some movies give me just the same adrenalin rush on the nth viewing as they did the first time I viewed them, e.g. The Matrix, Face/Off.

It's great the movies can hold their charm or improve with age like a fine wine. DVD is certainly responsible for this - I never enjoyed movies as much on VHS on a crappy 4:3 TV. The poor quality was distracting (although at the time, I never realised this of course).

mr chadwick

totally agree with the deity tree rodent,i have to watch a movie properly,by this i mean in the cinema or my own little odeon.i get offered vcds and copies all the time,but in my experience this spoils a good movie.great sound and crystal clear visuals all add to the experience.i too enjoyed gladiator after a few viewings.:D


Definitely agree with these comments, I no longer go to the cinema, if I want to see a film then I buy it on DVD, cost is about the same, but you have it for life.

Every time I watch Pulp Fiction on my PJ I notice more and more things going on in the frame or listen to the water dripping in Aliens, when they first enter the colony, awesome.

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