Appreciate some pointers for next oled ....


I'm replacing my Sony AF9 65" and looking for a replacement and would appreciate some pointers. Open minded on manufacturers.

My criteria is:

1. Picture quality is the key factor.
2. 65" or a little wider but not wider than 75"
3. Not too worried about sound as I will be using an Ambeo with BK sub
4. No gaming
5. Hoping for more than my current four HDMI slots as I am so fed up with the remote control dance - but clearly not a biggy issue
6. I'm flexible on budget but I'm not in the £30k league ...... :) So sub £5k'ish
7. Standing on cabinet that is slightly narrower than 65" so cannot have a stand that is on the edges but must be central stand that is narrower than 65" ... but I suspect that could by a centred pedestal stand from Amazon if the TV justifed it (?).
8. Sat tuners a plus
9. I enjoy Youview but Freeview not an issue ... picture quality is king.

Any pointers on what is the best current TVs would be appreciated and .... my current TV was calibrated but I seem to read less about people having TV's calibrated. Is this because TVs are now better ex-factory than before or simply people not bothering?

Any help and pointers appreciated.

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