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Are Apple's Wireless Mighty Mouse/Keyboard compatible with PC? Or can they only be used with a MAC?

THey look so good... and I want them ... but I don't want an apple computer!


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They're standard bluetooth afaik so they should work.

i have many times connected apple perhiperals to my computers running other OS's using USB and had no problems.

Only problem you will really have is the labels on some of the keys. for example, the command key with apple logo in place of windows start button and a few other quirks. the volume controls (vol up, down, mute) work fine with windows sound however the eject key doesn't seem to work.


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i'm pretty sure they come with drivers for pc's in the box, check it out with the apple store, in the mean time i'll try to find my boxes!


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I'm using an Apple bluetooth keyboard with my PC running XP as I type (coupling it with the standard bluetooth dongle that came with my Microsoft bluetooth mouse).

It works fine (ie all keys function as they should...from memory I had to remap a couple of keys when I first installed eg F13 = print screen, etc).

That said, the one weak link in the equation is that after every PC reboot...the pairing can take a minute or two of powering off/on the apple keyboard.

Not a problem for me as my PC stays on all the time.


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why oh why oh why??

do a search on the net about the might mouse and you'll see
what a rotten unreliable mouse the mighty really is.

I love my mac, and love my keyboard, but the mouse is badly designed, unless you have strangley shaped hands, and the scroll ball just keeps failing!

The only mouse i can recommend is the now discontinued logitech mx1000, don't even try the mx/vx revolution they are AWFUL!

good luck


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