Apple Watch - what can’t it do without an iPhone?


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Okay, so I’m thinking of getting a new iPhone and/or Apple Watch.

I had an iPhone6+ that died. It was paired with my AW S0. I still have my AW S0 and wear it daily. I went back to an old iPhone4 I had for texts and calls. That was 15 months ago if memory serves. I mostly use my iPad these days and so don’t miss the iPhone.

If only I could get a new cellular AW and pair it with a new iPad Pro :(

I’ve been trying to figure out what I would miss if I had a new cellular AW and no iPhone. i could use the other half’s iPhone to set the new AW up and then unpair it?

Lastly can the AW cellular be used with a PAYG plan (I’m a light user). Maybe I need to go back to a big iPhone...

I have no interest in alternatives to Apple devices btw.


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This is Apple's article on what you can do when the phone isn't nearby:

Articles on using a cellular apple watch with an Android phone may be worth a read not to recommend an Android device but to give you information on how the watch functions without an iphone:

It doesn't seem like you can unpair the watch from the iphone to leave it unpaired and it also doesn't seem designed to run solely on LTE without an iphone near by some of the time.


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Yeah, my current AW is "still paired" in theory to my old iPhone6+ that is long dead. I've seen articles on what the AW can do without an iPhone, I was more wondering what it can't do, as in what features won't work...
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