Apple Watch S4 adding too many minutes to exercise ring


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Having issues with my new Apple Watch S4 and how much exercise it keeps saying I have done. Previously have had the S0 so know, from that, how much to compare it by.

I work from home behind a desk most days so hardly do any exercise. With this S4 it keeps saying I have hit the exercise goal each day even though, I know, that I haven't.

Example is the weekend where wife and I were out walking. Her new S3 said she had done 18 minutes exercise and mine said 34 minutes when both of us have been walking side by side each other all the way.

I have reset the watch, unpaired it, re-paired it, reset the data, confirmed my height and weight are accurate and even reset my iPhone XS Max in case that was the issue but still getting the same.

Think it is a hardware issue so Apple have said to send it back and a new one will be sent out but stock levels are low so might have to wait a while.

I can literally be sat at my desk, pop downstairs to get a glass of water, come back up and it adds 2-3 minutes of exercise to my rings.

Can't be right as with the S0 I would really have to earn that ring by doing some actual exercise which is the point, right?

Is there anything else I could be missing that I need to check?


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Hi, when you reset the fitness data, did you go out on a 20 minute walk or run without your phone to recalibrate it?


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I’ve also moved from a series 0 to a 4 and I’ve noticed it’s now recording more activity. It’s not showing more exercise time though. I’m also on 5.0.1.


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I did do the 20 minute walk but had phone with me. Apple site didn’t mention not taking the phone.
You have to use it without your phone so it forces it to use the gps in the watch

It says:
"If you have Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you just need your Apple Watch"

Maybe you could reset and try it without and if its still the same at least it has ruled that out.

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