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I have an Apple Watch series 3
Can anyone tell me exactly what new things I will have available if I upgrade ?

how does the blood oxygen thing work ? Can it detect things such as symptoms on anemia etc ?


I still don't see this, despite now running the latest iOS and having a Series 6 watch?

Can you post a screenshot?



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I am after a milanese loop for a 44mm series 4

the Apple one is lovely, but expensive. I’ve had cheap milanese bands for a Fitbit in the past but quality was a bit rubbish

is there something in between? (Almost) As nice as the Apple but without the cost 😊


Wow! Good on you @jouster - I wish my month looked as healthy at that!
Still running then?
Yup. Still doing something every day. 5K run weekdays and cycling and walking at weekends

must admit I’ve dropped my stand hours to 6 as whilst working it just doesn’t suit getting up once an hour. That said I often hit 10 anyway.




in fact just back from today's run (before work)...5k 22.05, that plus the school run, exercise ring closed.....


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Since I started working again, my move and stand hours haven’t been a problem for me at all (I’m on my feet constantly at work), but my old Apple Watch 2 wasn’t registering much in the way of exercise minutes while at work.

Since upgrading to the 6 and shifting my 4 onto work duty, it is far more accurate at realising I’m being active and across the morning part of my shift (midnight to 6am) it now consistently registers around 30 to 40 minutes of activity (it’s a lot of stop start movement).

While I haven’t updated from the basic 30 minutes, I’m now consistently hitting my 600 active calorie target (a lot of the time hitting between 800 and 1100), between 60 and 90 minutes a day of exercise minutes and anywhere from 14 to 20 hours of stands. May need to adjust my goals.
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