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Just decided to buy myself a new computer ( refurbished really) for around £190 ( not much I know)
I was thinking of Apple iMac A1224 20” intel 2.26ghz 250 HDD 4B RAM or an Apple MacBook A1342 13” core 2 pro 4GB ( both 2009 models )
As I open University student I need things like Microsoft word and Microsoft excel and was wondering if an Apple would be able to use ( it’s has a different operating system than a windows 10 )
I don’t know much about computers and really like a desktop rather than laptop. I do know a little bit about computers software etc
So should I give an a Apple a go or a miss
Hope someone can point me in the right direction


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Hello scarty 16
Yes just looked what make google chrome books ,Acer or Hp
Touch screen look nice
What spec
Thank you for the quick reply


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either make should work well, but I would say HP probably better made.

Higher the spec, the better for you, you will be using Native Google apps or web based microsoft ones.


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Forget Apple on that budget, second hand Apple PCs are poor value and £200 will only get you something absolutely ancient with that hasn't had any security updates for years. I'd be looking at models around five years old, not fifteen.

Microsoft does develop Word and Excel for Mac OS but not for Chrome OS, if you went for a chromebook you'd be limited to the simpler versions such as the web-based ones.


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I would agree with endless, buying an 11year old Apple computer is not recommended. I would look at newer Non Apple refurbs/end of line but at £190 your budget is very low
Consider a Chromebook and use chrome native apps - chrome docs, sheets, slides and forms
Also look at Morgan computers for refurbs/EOL
Morgan Computers


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Just to check Chromebook you can use Microsoft word and Microsoft excel as I am using it for home studying etc


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Chromebooks can recognise, import and export Microsoft Office docs. Although you will likely need a good internet connection as most of the storage is via google drive


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