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I have invested in a new MacBook Pro TB and now need to make the switch to USB-C but I am unsure what cables are safe and what chargers are suitable.

I originally had a 12" MacBook so purchased an Anker 60W USB-C charger which I was hoping to have on my desk and charge all my devices with 1 charger but I don't think the USB-A ports are providing enough power for my iPad Pro 12.9".

I now have a Dell XPS 15 which has a TB3 port, I believe this can be charged by USB-C but unfortunately its not working with the Anker charger I already have.

Now that I have the MacBook Pro 15" TB, I decided to purchase a couple of USB-C to lightning cables which I was hoping would provide faster charging via the included 87W USB-C charger or the Anker 60W but I was told in store not to use that with my iPad Pro or iPhone 7 Plus and I should buy a 29W USB-C charger for my iPad Pro and only use the 5W with my iPhone.

This is all getting very confusing for me.....

Does anyone know of a safe/efficient charger/cables that I can use to charge as many of my device as possible without using multiple chargers?

iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Pro 12.9"
Apple Watch
Samsung S6
MacBook Pro 15" TB
Dell XPS 15 9550

Anker 60W USB-C
Apple 87W USB-C
Apple 12W USB-A
Apple 5W USB-A


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Dell XPS charges via USB-C using the Apple 87W charger and cable, not sure if this is enough power but this should mean I can charge both notebooks with 1 charger but it would be nice if I could get the Anker to work.

I am using a 3rd party cable with the Anker which doesn't work on the Dell but does charge the MacBook, not sure if 60W is enough though so maybe I need an 80W+ Dual USB-C charger with some bonus USB-A ports.

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