Apple TV2 and Homeplug - clash?


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Hi. I have both ATV1 and ATV2 and am struggling to get either of them to connect to iTunes over my HomePlug's (Intellon/MaxValue). Both appear via wireless, but as my wireless is fairly patchy I want to improve the reliability and speed of the connection and bought a couple of HomePlugs from Amazon. When connected via the Homeplugs both can see the Internet and I can purchase new content from iTunes Store, but just can't get them to appear in iTunes for Gen1, or stream for Gen2. I've looked through a load of forums and can't find a definitive answer - any ideas?

I have a BT Home Hub 3 with Infinity as my main wireless router and broadband receiver. My PC is hardwired to the HomeHub in port 1, and the HomePlugs are in port 2.

I am guessing that either the Homeplugs do not use a port that iTunes is expecting, or that iTunes doesn't recognise the device via HomePlug for some addressing reason.

This is driving me nuts, any suggestions would be well appreciated. I am not massively technical, so idiots language would be also very appreciated.

THanks, Phil.


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Yeah there is an issue with Apple equipment and certain Homeplug chipsets, but it's very hard to tell which works and which doesn't as so many homeplugs are the same hardware, but with either minor software/hardware revisions.

As an example the Netgear XAV101 doesn't work but the Netgear XE104 & the XAV2501 do work, is the firmware up to date on both the Intellon/MaxValue ?

I have heard of firmwares from other homeplugs being used on some units but I've no idea were you'd go looking for that and how risky it is. The only thing I can suggest it try setting the ATV to a fixed IP address but it sounds like it is a Bonjour/broadcast problem and the Homeplugs arent working with that.


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Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. i'll go a hunting for the latest firmware and if that doesnt work go out and get the netgear box you mentioned - or I might go airplay? Any reason why not? At least I can blame Apple holistically then.... :)


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Result! The Homeplugs I had were 85Mbps INT5500 chipset, which looks like its discontinued and no further firmware upgrades exist. I found however two of the Homeplugs I had were 200Mbps INT6400, which touch wood seem to be working fine between the ATV2 and iTunes. Just got to go out and get some more 200Mbps units for the ATV1 upstairs and hopefully we're all sorted.

Thanks again for explaining that to me. Saved my Xmas (and about £300 in Airplay units!)
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