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Hi everyone, I just found out about the Google TV's offerings (yes, I know I'm really late to the game) and it seems pretty interesting, but I've got a few questions about it.

Right now, I own an Apple TV 3 and I primarily use it for home sharing, as well as Netflix and Hulu Plus. I also use the radio stations a lot and my girlfriend loves watching YouTube.

I'm not entirely satisfied with it, though. I live in Japan and as such, don't have much access to foreign media. Most stuff I've managed to get through Hulu Plus (with a VPN) and iTunes, but one thing that's really caught my eye about Google TV (I'm looking at the Sony NSV-GS7) is Plex. Browsing through Plex's desktop app, it looks like it has the potential to provide me with a lot of things I want that I can't get on the aTV, such as the pundit shows on MSNBC (I can watch Rachel Maddow through the podcast, but that's the only one, the rest aren't available), or other news broadcasts like Al Jazeera.

The only real benefit for the aTV at the moment seems to be AirPlay, which I don't use much.

All my movies are encoded for the aTV 3 in m4v format, will these play in Plex or will I have to re-encode everything? And what about movies I bought from the iTunes Store? Will these work with Plex?

Overall, is the NSV-GS7 a suitable replacement for the aTV, or should I stick with the aTV until something better comes along (from either Apple or Google)?


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The self encoded m4v will play through the GoogleTV Plex client no problem, the iTunes bought will not as they have iTunes DRM on them.

Not sure what GTV clients are available if any in Japan, USA is really the only market that gets a choice, there are boxes from Netgear, Vizio, Sony, Hisense and Asus on the way. You could always see whats available through eBay but the Sony is considered the best of the bunch.

The GTV platform doesnt get a whole lot of love from Google so dont expect too much out of it.

I'd also double check by asking on the Plex forums if the plugins are available on the GTV plex client, not all Plex clients get those.


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Thanks for your info. I know that the Sony one is definitely available out here, saw it on Amazon Japan, so that's why I was asking about it specifically. That's a good point about the GTV not getting a lot of love from Google, Apple has the same problem with the aTV.

Seems like the GTV does offer more than aTV, but the DRM aspect is giving me the most pause. Think I'll just take a wait and see attitude. Maybe someone will (finally) jailbreak the aTV3 and my decision will be made for me. Thanks again!


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What you could try is install Plex media server on your computer than get the iOS Plex client (assuming you have an iPhone/iPad) then see if the desired plugins are present, if they play then you can Airplay that to the AppleTV as it's the Plex server transcoding the content.


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A jailbroken Apple TV 2 is what you need.

The best of both worlds - you can keep iTunes, Youtube app etc. but have Plex installed, too.

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