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Afternoon all,

I have just purchased Apple TV to compliment my Panasonic TX-P42GT60. When viewing films direct from iTunes (12 Years A Slave and American Hustle) it has a horrible soap opera effect and occasional judders. I don't get it when watching movies over Freeview or with iPlayer, only ATV.
Turning the motion smoothing fully off on the TV helps but I was wondering if I need to change any of the apple settings too? Does ATV have it's own smoothing software? It's set by default to 1080p 60hz, should this be changed to 50hz on a european plasma? Is this something to do with the encoding of content by Apple?

Any advice on the optimal screen or ATV settings to get a more cinematic effect would be much appreciated, thanks.



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I use my AppleTV3 with an 8 year-old Panasonic plasma. Rented movies from iTunes play just fine at high quality.

However, you do not indicate your broadband download speeds. When I had adsl 14Mb download speeds, this could cause occasional problems with buffering/juddering. Now that I have VM 60Gb I do not suffer from such issues.

Moreover, other household members who are also using the internet at the same time as you watching AppleTV content, from past experience, can seriously impact viewing.

Also, you do not mention whether or not AppleTV viewing is via Airplay or via ethernet. From experience, ethernet connection via homeplugs is much more reliable that via wireless.


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Cheers for the reply. I have 30mb fibre optic which is very reliable. But to be honest, I'm less concerned about the stuttering as it's slight, it's the soap opera effect that's painful. Great films are looking like wedding videos!


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Even with SD iTunes Movie rentals picture quality is excellent, if not exceptional - so I don't understand why you are experiencing the 'soap opera' effect. Please describe precisely what this effect is.

Is your ATV connected wirelessly or via ethernet to your router?


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i think this is an issue with your tv setup...

what port is it plugged into on your tv? is there a box in-between your tv and Apple TV that could be messing things up?


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The other thought that occurred to me, is what quality/manufacturer of HDMI cable are you using?

Separately, this afternoon, I was watching USA network content streamed to my ATV from my Mac Mini (via VPN) and the picture quality was still excellent - as though I was watching UK content.

The point is, I suspect that there is something inherently wrong somewhere in the chain between your Panasonic and ATV.

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