Apple TV+'s The Banker Movie Review & Comments


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I put a hold on watching all AppleTV+ content due European Bandwidth throttle being implemented. It looks 480p quality. Not worth watching or hearing. Will wait for normalised full quality bandwidth which Apple has been the best at delivering - upto 38mbps downloads with advanced cache.


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They could have throttled to 720p as bare minimum, 480p ain't even worth the bother.
I watched for 10minutes and then turned off. Picture quality/resolution Looks rubbish

Kotatsu Neko

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I was going to watch this today but I thought I'd check the quality first. It's unwatchable. Apple seem to have taken the recommendation to reduce bandwidth usage to an extreme. It resembles a YouTube somewhere around the 360-480p area. It's significantly worse than any DVD. Barely better than a VCD, for those who remember them.

Oh well, there wasn't a huge amount on ATV+ anyway, so I shan't miss it. I wonder if Disney+, who have been focusing heavily on their 4K content will end up launching with nothing in 4K at all.


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Seems like an intriguing premise. But after watching Altered Carbon s2, it is clear that Mackie is not an engaging lead. He‘s poor in everything I’ve seen that isn’t playing wingman to truly charismatic actors. Hopefully Jackson can provide that support here. Be a while until I find out though.No way I’m watching at bloody 480p. How much of the image is complete guesswork on a 4K screen? Joke.


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Anything in 480p is 1/10.


Saw the 1080p US stream.
It's not a bad film but does make it feel like smart black folks getting one over whitey in lightweight tones. There's no real sense of the hardship that black Americans faced, particularly, in that era. Sure, there's the odd scene with the old bird new neighbour/renter but it's all taken in its stride.
Samula L. Jackson's worldly playboy Morris doesn't help much in his mistrust of any race's speeches but does pitch the odd wake up call to Mackie's earnest Garrett, but a bit too proud poorer man making good. It pretty much just fizzes along and although I'm one to quickly tire of overlaying down themes, as much media in the last few years tends to, this felt like it could've pressed the deprivation and lack of humanity more. It just assumes the viewer knows and/or cares and then hits you with nerdy detail, golf and the odd meeting.
Hoult's fairly hapless Steiner white beard is played well by him and the film manages to not make him a Richard Curtis level bumbler. Although his end story of what actually happened to him after is sadly missing and felt like a poor omission - as did Barker's picture. I had hoped the three would've picked up again to some degree 'legitimately' but I guess they didn't need him and took a shave from their Bahamas homes he set up.


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Decent film, Mackie the young serious pretender and Mr Jackson as the older joker in the pack.
Based on a true story and of course USA in the 60s (racial overtones)

Give it a 7/10.
Easy watch.


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Excellent Movie. 9/10. Totally original and did not realise it was based on a true story.



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I agree totally with 'Jokerr'. Really enjoyed the movie as it's well made with good soundtrack and a great cast.

t bone

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I also really enjoyed this movie mackie played his part well but jackson stole the show with the best lines. This being a true story makes you wonder how many more of these stories are to be uncovered In the chequered history of race in America.

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