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I hope this is the correct forum for my question.

I am currently looking to copy my DVD collection onto a hard drive. I was looking at getting Apple TV and streaming from my Mac book. I currently own a PS3 and was wondering if I should just use that to stream my films. Does anyone know of any advantages / disadvantages between the two.

I am looking to get the best picture and sound quality possible. I don't have much knowledge in DVD backup. I will be using Mac the ripper and Handbrake and will do a search for which settings are the best.



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I am also an apple user. I was looking at getting APple TV but decided it just wasn't worth it as I already have a Xbox 360.

I use a piece of software from Nullriver called Connect 360.

It is excellent and only cost around 20$. Once installed it streams video files from your Movies folder, photos from your Photos folder and also music from your itunes folder directly onto your Xbox 360 for playback through your tv.

The good thing is that it supports lots more video format than Apple TV such as Xvid, Divx, AVI as well as MOV. Also it will output through your console at 1080p (Apple TV is only 1080i). As all the media is stored on your Mac harddrive its cheaper to upgrade, just buy an external 500GB drive if you wish and use that if you have lots of media, this way you aren't restricted to the harddrive size of apple TV.

Now the good news for you is that Null river also have a version for the PS3 and it works in the same way.

I would also have wasted a lot of money on apple TV had I not come across this software, it works a breeze on the mac and in my opinion is a 100 times better than apple TV.

Have a look at the link below for the PS3 version.

Nullriver Software : Products : MediaLink

Hope this helped.

PS. If you are using handbrake to Rip your DVD's it already has many presets for PS3 and Xbox 360 so its pretty straight forward to get going.


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Thanks, I will check the software out over the weekend.

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