Apple TV on Amazon FireStick 4k


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Ah - this was a firestick thread, there is another for the ATV 4K box
ATV is the app and ATV+ is a new channel of Apple made TV series shown on the app


After enjoying See in HDR on my Firestick 4K, it's SDR time today. Apple TV + is a very disappointing service. I want HDR back, at least, but they should give us DV as any Apple device user.


I just checked my firestick and the apple TV app when selecting content that supports Dolby Vision now displays in Dolby Vision on my TV.

No Dolby Atmos yet from what my reciver tells me. A step in the right direction at least. I use to not go in often but did dip in to check if it might of got enabled and at some point it did and might use it more often.
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