Apple TV 4K + HomePod + PS4 + Optoma HD27e


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First of all, Hello!

I have just upgraded my AppleTV to the new 2nd Gen 4K version and hoped to get rid of a couple of M-Audio studio speakers that I use for gaming on my PS4, as I couldn't link the PS4 to my paired HomePods. The system I have at the moment is as follows -

Optoma HD27e Projector connected to a PS4 and AppleTV 4K (2nd Gen) via an HDMI switcher/extractor. I sometimes use the 3rd input on the switcher for a Firestick or PS3, but rarely.
The AppleTV streams audio to a pair of HomePods via AirPlay.
The PS4 runs wired audio to a pair of M-Audio studio speakers.

As far as I can see the Optoma doesn't support HDMI ARC or ARCe, it has 2 HDMI ports, one being MHL.

Is there an HDMI to HDMI ARC convertor I can run the audio through, or is there a better solution?

Many Thanks in advance.


Joe Fernand

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Unsure why you think eARC or ARC would be relevant for you?

The HomePod speakers lack any form of Line Input so are not going to work with anything other than your ATV 4K.

If you have a Mac Desktop or Laptop you can add an audio capture device to the computer, connect the audio out from an HDMI Switch to the capture device and then stream that audio to the HomePods - though keeping video and audio in sync is going to be difficult.

Rather than ditch the M-audio speakers I would be more likely to ditch the HomePod speakers if you are aiming to have only one set of speakers in your system.



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I think he's referring to this feature[1], where an Apple TV is set up to stream audio to a HomePod when playing content but can also accept audio via ARC/eARC (that it then streams to the HomePods) when the display is playing other video (acting almost like a soundbar or something).

Technically pretty impressive, but I wonder what the lag is like… Using a more traditional AVR + home theater speaker setup is definitely more versatile, but the HomePod solution is interesting, IMO.

Anyway, John, did you ever get it working? I also have an AVR but am tinkering with trying to get something similar working with the release of that Apple TV ARC feature.

[1]: Use HDMI ARC or eARC with your Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)

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