Question Apple TV 4K, EPSON TW 9400, PIONEER VSX-834 - Screen Flickering (India)


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Hello All,

I have an Epson TW 9400 projector connected to Apple TV 4K (latest TvOS via Pioneer) via Pioneer VSX-834 AV receiver. The projector is setup in the ceiling.
My projector and AV receiver are connected via Impressions HDMI 2.0 4K.
My AV receiver and Apple TV are connected via Belkin Ultra HD High Speed 4K/Dolby Vision HDR HDMI.
The projector was running in ECO-mode
The run time of my projector is just 20 hours and i recently started experiencing a grained flickering after 15-20 mins of the projector run time.

I have tried the below:
1. Switching from Eco-mode to High Mode
2. Switching of Match dynamic range settings in Apple TV.
3. Disabling Image Enhancement in the projector settings
4. Changing HDMI slot

but nothing works, is there any other settings that needs to be looked at before contacting the EPSON support ?

Also, i have not experienced any flickering while connecting the AppleTV with a TV, this seems to only occur when connecting it with a projector.


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hi, have you run the cable test facility on the appleTV 4K ? it takes a few minutes but will be worth it to eliminate the cable as any issue. if not cable then only other thing is some setting related issue or projector issue.

if it all worked fine for 15-20 min and have been seeing the issue after that(and presuming nothing else an issue), and that only happens with the projector it is also quite possible that something on the projector has failed. only way to confirm would be to try in another setup...can you take back to your retailer to try in their setup ? if does same thing there, I'd leave projector there for them to sort out ?


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Thank you Alebonau for the reply ! Yes, i tried with changing the cable as well, but no luck.
But i wanted to explore more on the where the real issue was and i found the flickering reduce after i switched the HDMI port in the projector. Though now the flickering comes after a couple of hours. I am not sure why that is happening, the HDMI ports are faulty or is it some electrical issues or is the cable loose, no clue. I am planning to send the projector for service and get it checked.


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Can I ask what is your cable length. Impression HDMI cable is copper and any length over 2 meter will struggle with 4 k content. I had issues and an ATZEBE fibre cable sorted it out. My cable run is 5 meters but other members on forums are using 10 meters run with out any issues. Copper cables can’t handle data flow of 18GBS properly over longer distances. Try a 4K player as well as some of Apple 4 K boxes may have issues as well. Mine was defective and was replaced by Apple under warranty


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Thank you for the response! My cable length is 10M, yes this is a new issue i never thought about. I will give a fibre optic cable a try.

Also, the Apple TV works will when connected to a TV, so am not sure if that use case works well.


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I have the Epson 7400 and also had flickering on Eco mode through every device, but never in medium or high lamp mode..i believe this is quite a common occurrence, but i would certainly contact Epson and explain. Their customer service under warranty is 2nd to none.

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