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Apple TV 3rd Gen Dolby Surround Not Working


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Any help greatly appreciated..

I have a ATV 3rd Gen hooked up to a Sony STR-DH810 AVR and I'm only recieving LCPM audio not digital dolby when renting movies... I'm sure the HD movies come with dolby.

Ive been through and tried all variations of audio settings on the ATV without success.

After scouring the net there seems to be much confusion. Some say HDMI doesn't support 5.1 and you need optical but others say HDMI works.

Ideally i want to get it working with my HDMI..

Any ideas fellow AVforumers?
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HDMI most definitely outputs Dolby 5.1 to your AVR from the ATV. No question about it. In fact it's the preferred method of output with Optical there for those AVR's without HDMI.

Does your iTunes streamed stuff allow DD 5.1?

Ate you sure the stuff you have bought via iTunes carries the DD 5.1 audio track?


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If it's LPCM 5.1 then the amp is outputting the audio as uncompressed LPCM which should be the same as DD 5.1 so your not losing any audio quality. Why it's doing that I don't know could be a configuration issue or bug in the amp or how the ATV is talking to it, if it's stereo then something else is going on.

DD5.1 is supported over HDMI and optical, LPCM 5.1 is only supported over HDMI as optical doesn't have the bandwidth to handle it.

If you really want it to say DD5.1 instead of LPCM 5.1 try going into ATV settings/audio & video and change the audio output mode from auto to 16-bit, double check your amp settings, if it has a sound field mode try setting it to movie.

Try encoding a video with 5.1 audio using handbrake, then test the video through iTunes homesharing, that will at least let you know if the AppleTV is working correctly (ignoring the rental stuff).
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The movies from Apple are Dolby 5.1 as highlighted here on a copy of Inception that I got from the iTunes Store. I wouldn't think they would have any titles with uncompressed audio as they seem to have a very good compression system with 1080p titles coming in around 3gb.



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I just suggested to check, as the OP says they have tried all settings on ATV and AVR. I suspect that something isn't set up right, rather than it being Apple's Movie file, but thought best to start there before suggesting otherwise. ;-)


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Fixed it the problem was with the amp and the fix is documented here...


As documented in the thread above I had set the amp to send audio to the "AMP+TV". Setting it to "AMP" only has finally lit up all my HD Mstr Audio lights! All my ATV settings were correct.

FYI - netflicks via apple tv is 5.1 Dolby, iTunes moves are 5.1 Dolby, however previews and trailers are not 5.1.

Thanks for your help.



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sts1976 said:
Yeah sorry I cut and paste the issue from the other forum.. Lazy I know :/

No it's correct they are talking about the av receiver. It displayed lcpm before the fix now it shows the various Dolby signs.


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Fair enough. If its showing just DD5.1 now then perfect. If it shows DD Master Audio then I would be worried as ATV sadly doesn't support it, wish as I have! :)

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