Apple TV 2 and the lack of Home Share


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My wife recently got an ipad 2 for xmas, so I thought I would get the apple tv2 for her so we could listen to the music and look at photos etc.

All devices, apple tv2, iphone 3, ipad 2 and Windows 7 laptop on home share and the apple tv2 is not seeing anything under computers. Nothing through airplay. All devices are set with the same apple id.

Is it the router that is the issue! Everywhere I read it says update this and update that. Unfortunately not all of us are 10 yr old computer whizzs who understand half the terminology. Just need a step by step guide on how to do what I need to do. My router is a Netgear and everything SHOULD BE connected wirelessly. Everything works work through the network. ie. internet and youtube on the apple tv and downlaoded film last night, no problems. I am really getting at my wits end with this. Please can someone help


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I dont know if this helps, but I just set up my new ATV2 about an hour or so ago.

At first the ATV didnt show up my PC either.

In the end I updated to the latest version of itunes and had to once again put in my home share details.
Make sure i-tunes is open when setting up the ATV and use itunes > Advanced > Turn on home sharing.
It seemed to take ages for it to be found, but it got there in the end.

You shouldnt have to do anything with your router - just ensure that the ATV2 has your correct details for your wireless network, but since you say youre already accessing the likes of Youtube its unlikely to be the problem.


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If you still have problems get a long ethenet/network cable and test the AppleTV connected to your netgear and see if everything works. If it does then it might be a wireless issue, if it doesn't then at least you know it's something to do with the router itself.

The fact that not even Airplay is working sounds to me like something on your router is blocking the traffic.


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Not sure if you are 'fixed', but I'm having a few issues similar to you and found some advice....

Firstly, home share needs to be applied on...

apple tv: general menu

computer: in itunes>Advaced>Turn on home sharing,
also edit>preferences>sharing tab>tick appropriate boxes for sharing library

iphones: settings>ipod>home sharing

Close down itunes after these settings have been applied
Close ipad/iphone devices, preferably with home+screen off button hold method

open them up again, airplay should be visible in typical apps like videos and music, and on computers tab on apple tv2 you should see the itunes library.


my issue, and one that seems to be prevalent on the atv2 is that it allows me to play a track or two, or maybe watch a short video/cartoon, then the library seems to be still visible but the new media selection stalls at the loading page.

At this point shutting down itunes again will restore connection when you load it again. Not at all acceptable, I know. Not best pleased myself, still looking for a complete solution.

FYI, I'm ATV2, wired to talk talk Fibre optic n router (BT i believe), Windows 7 laptop wireless, ipad1, 2x iphone4.

Other possible solutions...
Try wireless ATV2 connection over a wired solution, apparently some have found that works best for some reason. Annoying:rolleyes:

Also, much beyond my experience grade: there is talk of open ports used but the ATV2 talking to the router. Some advice available from the home sharing page on the apple solution centre, a link at the bottom i think.

Troubleshooting Home Sharing

hope you find a solution...


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Afraid it appears to be an iOS5 issue. There are hundreds of posts on the Apple forums with exactly the same issues as here. Can't be everyone's routers/Internet settings that are at fault. My airplay, iPad 2 mirroring and iTunes match all work fine so I'm able to get around it with the content I have in iCloud, but it's not acceptable. Can only hope for a fix on next update.


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Although I could very well be wrong I doubt it is one issue that an update will fix given the popularity of Apple consumer electronics your simply seeing the volume of problems with a wide range of causes.

The port that uses Homesharing on your router may be in use by something else or firewall is mistakenly blocking it. Check is anything on the router is blocking TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 which is what Homesharing uses, same goes for your software firewall rules on the PC.


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I agree. I have not had a single issue with iOS 5 and Home Sharing on any of my devices. I use Airport Extreme and Express at home, with my iPad, iPhone and ATV and plays fine all day long.

People don't seem to grasp a full understanding of their networks it seems.

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May I suggest restoring your ATV2 and setting it back up again (Chapter 4 Page 29). You may have input the your Apple ID username or password incorrectly because the remote is extremely fiddly to use with the On Screen Display. Just a thought. All other suggestions here are valid.
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