Apple sell 1 million video downloads in 20 days


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Apple sell 1 million video downloads in 20 days

Q1: How soon before other video download services pop up
Q2: How soon before content providers get greedy and try for a bigger slice of the pie a la music downloads

So who of you have downloaded videos? If not, why not and will you?

Any other general comments welcome
I haven't downloaded videos because:

1. I don't have a device to play them and
2. I have no interest in paying to download them again when I can just convert DVDs.


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I wont download videos because

1 - many offical sites have free streams - which I can rip using one of the three stream rippers Ive got

2 - Some fansites have music videos free to download


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I'd guess that will tail off a little. Most of it is people trying to see what their device can do.

I downloaded Boundin' but will not do anymore. I've already figured out how to rip and convert so there's no point now.


I'd download video - but only to play on my home PC. I don't want to watch a bunch of videos on the move as I travel to work, then have no battery life left to listen to music on the way home.

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