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Apple Music pausing

I paid the £9.99 tonight for Apple Music I had it running in the car over 4g and it kept pausing and restarting so put it down to a weak signal but it's the same over wifi is it just me ?


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I've been getting the same. It's certainly not my internet connection (yeah they all say that)

But seriously I have no issues with anything else, my connection is syncing at my router at 78Mb/s download and 18Mb/s upload. No buffering issues on anything else.

Also if it's of interest I get the same issue on a mac running apple music through iTunes, so it's not even strictly an iOS issue for me.

I found when I pause and then immediately press play it sorts it, but a bit annoying as I've only just decided to cancel spotify (which had no issues streaming) and go with Apple Music.

Another thing I've noticed is that the sound quality of Apple Music isn't as good as Spotify on extreme quality.

I'm using high end headphones and the distortion on certain songs is pretty jarring, I've made sure any "normalisation" options are disabled as I'm not a fan of the "loud war" in the music industry, and I'm not running any eq options either so it's not that.
when i run deezer its perfect no pausing, go back to apple music and it goes back to pausing but when i go to music settings and untick high quality over mobile network its fine, so i can only think that was the problem im on three by the way but on 4g,will try it over wifi again when i get home

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