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Jan 16, 2020
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Hello All,

Good Morning! Hope you all are doing good! Now I am planning to buy between Apple 13 & Apple 13 Pro of size either 128GB or 256GB but, I have certain queries to have it addressed before I move further with my decision of purchase of either of them.

A bit background of where I come from: So I have so far been an Android user & Symbian user before that. These where the smartphones I have used in my past:

a) Nokia 6600 b) Nokia 3250 c) Nokia C6 d) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 e) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 f) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

My usage: I check emails, sometimes surf on Facebook/Twitter, read articles on Quora, browse webpages on Chrome, watch lots of videos on YouTube (I am not a YouTUber), listen to lots of Hindi music on Spotify, Make & Receive calls, sometimes send SMS, lots of WhatsApp messaging for work & personal, love taking pictures but I seldomly go out, like to shoot videos but not a dedicated videographer, keep updating internal apps via Google PlayStore & OS updates as well via Settings (very much active on this), take backups to PC if data is full but I feel with a 128GB Storage space, that probably shouldn't be an issue.

Why am I switching? Well, all this while I have been an Android user so now, want to try something new & exciting. I've heard that Apple mobile phones are very reliable, secure from virus attacks, functions super smoothly, cameras are the best, very high on status symbol & "ShOw OFf" but I am not buying Apple for this reason. I am kind of a person who spends at one shot but wants to buy the best so moving forward down to 5 to 6 years, my mobile should still do its best in comparision to the new products available in the "Consumer Electronics Market". I am kind of a person who do not keep switching mobile phones every now & than, say within 6 months or a year. I live with my cellphone for atleast 6 to 7 years like I was with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for 8yrs (bought in May 2014). Its Camera picture quality is still the "BEST" even in today's time & can easily beat today's mobile phone in the range of 20k INR to 45KINR, I am sure on this.

Anyway'z, now these are the Apps I use: Truecaller, WhatsApp, few banking apps, JioTV App, Tata Sky App, Gmail, Outlook, Spotify, GPay, etc...

Now most importantly, I AM NOT A GAMER ON A MOBILE PHONE AT ALL. I am of a strong believer that a Mobile Phone is never meant for gaming purpose! Gaming is such a DyNamic concept that it require is own world & space rather than being stucked into such small world - Mobile phone.

I strongly believe that to TRULY ENJOY A SUPER GAMING EXPERIENCE, it has to be played on a LCD/OLED Television screen of atleast 40inches or above & a Home Theatre connected to it (will be like a icing on a cake) to get that Super Best experience ever. Playing games just for timepass while on move in your journey is somewhat ok but a true experience on a Cellphone? A BIG NO! Infact the amount of heat that these games can create will bring down the overall life of any cellphone from 7 years to 4-5years approx, is what I feel b'coz, Heat is the enemy of electronic components. Kindly correct me if I am wrong. I have never played a single game on my S6 Edge Plus hence, it survived for 8 years & above all, I maintain it well! It has fallen from my hands only for twice & that too at a small distance from Air to surface.

I am also looking forward to a very good battery life b'coz as its being a golden line saying: "You all of the best in your cellphone BUT, what if the battery drains down quickly? What's all those features & functions given in the cellphone be of a benefit to you when the screen itself turnoff unless again charged"? Its like one has an SUV car parked in his/her compound but with no fuel, what will you do with that SUV than? Take selfies (-; ?

Storage: I really don't know what storage space shall I go ahead with - 128GB or 256GB? B'coz, there is a very big difference in price between the two. Yesterday in the night, I sat down to check towards what will my internal storage utilise: So here it is:

10GB - WhatsApp
3-4GB - Apps
4-5GB - Photos
5-7GB - Videos
0.5GB - SMS
100MB - 200MB - Docs

These are all tentative space figures that I have mentioned above just to be on a safer side & it might increase especially for these - Photos, Videos & Apps.

I am a bit open on my budget BUT, I am very confused right now.

On the other end for a sec, it also comes in my mind WHY not to go-ahead with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 12GB/256GB which cost far less than Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB), & comes with more space & RAM plus the SPen (which I don't use it much though) & is at the topmost of the line in its series. I wonder why Apple 13 Pro still cost much expensive than this high in line Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone whereas iPhone 13 is at the mid line btw iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Max & that too in 128GB?

Thanks for your help & suggestions way in advance!

Have a Nice Day! (-:
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You have waited so long (since 2014), I’d suggest you wait 3 more months or so, get the iPhone 14 Pro so it will last you many more years, and if you’re Ok with iPhone 13 Pro, that will be discounted after the 14 Pro is launched.

Suggestion for Pro version mainly due to the 120Hz screen, it’s a big difference, even if you don’t care about camera etc.
I have iPhone 13pro mainly for better camera and some improvements. I had Samsung S7 before - 5 years. If I was you wait for iPhone 14. Pro or not pro is up to you. If you need better camera get pro. I have 128GB version. If you want to be sure take 256GB version otherwise 128 is plenty.

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