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Apple iMac - iPhoto and Canon DSLR


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Hi everyone,

I wasn't quite sure where to place this thread - so hopefully I have chosen correctly!

I have just bought a Canon EOS 300D and am using iPhoto on my iMac. The control of photos is fine, but I find it INCREDIBLY slow to move RAW images from the camera to the Mac.

Is this because the 300D does not support USB2? Is it because I'm insisting on working with RAW files?

Anything that could help to improve would be much appreciated.



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First where are you pluggin it in, the keyboard or directly to the iMac? I would plug any peripheral equipment directly in to the iMac.
I'm using a Nikon D40 and they all transfer very quickly.


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I agree plug direct to the mac and not via the keyboard. Also make sure you use a card reader and don't plug the camera in directly as this is a huge bottleneck. Buy a fast cardreader (usually very cheap - and occasionally free with some memory cards) and this should solve your problem.



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A card reader - that was one option I had thought about. As you summised, I have been plugging my camera into the Mac directly - Doh! I am using the proper USB ports on the back of the Mac.

Thanks guys - any particular recommendations on card readers?


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I think the 300D is USB1.1 only. Later cameras are USB2.0

Correct - but even with a USB 2.0 output, it is still recommended to connect with a card reader rather than the camera directly.
Before you ask I don't know why, but I have read it in several camera mags - including EOS Magazine.



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You can connect up the camera via USB if you need to do remote capture or capture images direct to HDD via the EOS utility( with a laptop on the field) but for capture of images on a card, a card reader will be faster, and not rely on the battery life of your camera and you wont need to worry about USB 1/2 ect and no need to install drivers ..
As such there really is no need to connect up the camera to a computer in order to download images
The cards are not an integral part of the camera and are meant to be removed..:)
Sandisk, Dazzle, .. I think the card readers are broadly similar in performance although there are dodgy "no name" ones which can be painful to use.

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