Apple Education Discount - is it for all?


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An individual can be vat registered but the proportion of vat that can be claimed back is apportioned against business and personal use (i.e. 50% can be claimed back if something is used for business 50% of the time)

However if someone's brother is self-employed but is not even going to use something and not even buying it for themself, then the answer from HMRC is self-evident one would have thought


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I don't think you can:

Buy with student discount for yourself then claim back VAT also, can you?

As this would mean the 'business' is a student?


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It's perfectly possible to be VAT registered while also eligible for HE discount from Apple. Just because you are a student or a lecturer it doesn't mean that you couldn't also be running a business. Apple don't try & dictate to you what you do with your purchase e.g. only for personal not commercial use.


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You can buy as an individual ( and it doesn't matter what promotional discounts you get ) and claim the VAT back ( for the company ) but it then becomes a company asset which is then written off over a period of time, the company can sell you the kit for £1.00 at the end of the write off period

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