Apple app issues on LG Oled


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Jul 1, 2004
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Has anyone else had problems with the Apple TV app on their LG?
The app got added to my C8 a few weeks ago and I'm really not impressed so far.

Playback is far from smooth with the few titles I have and it was so bad with a movie I bought yesterday (Mad Max"Thunder Road) that I had to stop watching and put a claim in for a refund with Apple.
It was "choppy" for want of a better description... and unwatchable.

I don't own many titles on Apple, but none of them play smoothly.

Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this?
Yeah see the B8 thread, some of us in there are having issues too. It seems the app is a bit buggy at present, hopefully an update will be forthcoming.
Thanks Dannius, if it's affecting quite a few people, hopefully they'll sort it out.
New version updated on my tv this morning (version 1.0.24).

So far no Stuttery playback and correct aspect ratio.

Edit: scratch that. Still Stuttery. Do Apple even test this? ***.
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