Apple app issues on LG Oled


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Has anyone else had problems with the Apple TV app on their LG?
The app got added to my C8 a few weeks ago and I'm really not impressed so far.

Playback is far from smooth with the few titles I have and it was so bad with a movie I bought yesterday (Mad Max"Thunder Road) that I had to stop watching and put a claim in for a refund with Apple.
It was "choppy" for want of a better description... and unwatchable.

I don't own many titles on Apple, but none of them play smoothly.

Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this?


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Yeah see the B8 thread, some of us in there are having issues too. It seems the app is a bit buggy at present, hopefully an update will be forthcoming.


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Thanks Dannius, if it's affecting quite a few people, hopefully they'll sort it out.


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New version updated on my tv this morning (version 1.0.24).

So far no Stuttery playback and correct aspect ratio.

Edit: scratch that. Still Stuttery. Do Apple even test this? ***.
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