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Apple and broken iPhone


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My daughter dropped her iPhone 5, although it is intact there appears to be like a cloudy mark beneath the glass.You can still use the phone and see what is behind the cloudiness.My ex has contacted her home insurance company and they have told her to go to Apple and see whether they will repair it.If they do they will pay for repair.If not they will replace.

Do Apple ever repair phones? They only offer refurbs right?
Im just wondering what the procedure is WRT insurance claim.

Ex said that Insurance Co told her to go to Apple Store and see if they will repair.None of my local stores have any appointments until Wednesday.Do I need to make an appointment even if I know what they will say or if I tell Apple it is an insurance claim do they make a note of it on their system? Give me some paperwork to pass onto insurance co?



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Actually I'm wondering if it water damage rather than something broken. The portion of screen affected looks cloudy, but anything on screen looks normal. There is no distortion at all. She said the floor was wet when she dropped it. Although she will tell us anything if it gets her off the hook!

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Im pretty sure it is water under the screen.Got in from work today and the cloudiness has shrunk to about half the size it was yesterday.Actually it isnt cloudy,its more like a bright spot.


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Added a couple of photos.Kind of difficult to spot .Yesterday it was the size of a 50p piece.


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Stuck the phone in a sealed container with rice .Left it overnight.All of the marks have now disappeared.Hopefully (fingers crossed) that is it and all will continue to work normally as it is at the moment.
Thanks for all the help:rotfl:


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I've got a friend who went to Apple and they did replace it straight away! Even though he didn't have insurance for it. This was in Milton Keynes.

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