Apple Airport time capsule - are they worth it?!


I wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on the above?

I currently have a Seagate external USB 3.0 3TB hard drive that I use solely for my TimeMachine for my Mac Mini and I have another Seagate USB 3.0 external HDD which I use to back-up the Mac too...

Plus I use BackBlaze to back up to their cloud as well as a year or so ago, I have a power surge and it fried my iMac and external HDD at that time and I lost close to 6 years worth of work! I had forensics look at it to try and recover, but it was shot...


The reason I ask is that I wanted to see if a) they're worth it to keep things neater and wireless and b) for their wifi as I've got a VM SuperHub 2 currently and it works well, but I feel it can be bettered at times, especially with 5GHz etc...

Any thoughts? Do you use the Time capsule and get better wifi continuity/faultless connection etc... Does it work well wirelessly for the TimeMachine back up etc?

Thanks :)


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I went extreme but wasn't impressed at all with wifi. Unstable and poor coverage. Software is pretty poor on it too. Id suggest not a key area of investment for Apple.

I've now gone VM SH2 and a wired Linksys. I've got great coverage now. I use a Synology NAS which my 3 macs backup onto.


I've read somewhere that there's potentially a USB 3.0 version of the Time Capsule coming out, but not sure if/when etc...

When you say Linksys, what do you mean sorry?

Is it a wifi router that you use with the SuperHub 2 hardwired in and that as a modem only?

What's the wifi like in comparison to the SH2?

My issue is that everything I have is Apple, so much prefer the solid 5GHz channel rather than the flakey 2.4...


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Yes I'm too mainly Apple...1 iMac, 1 x MBA, 1xMBP, iPad 2, iPad mini and three iPhones.

I thought an extreme would complement those nicely....then added an express to see if that would help but just gave we a very slow connection.

I have the SH2 covering the front bottom of the house. I then have cat6 running to the middle top of the house connected to Linksys router which I'm using in extend mode. So I have 5ghz all over the house.

I also tried home plugs and they were rubbish too


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My daughter is now constantly streaming Netflix while talking to her boyfriend over Skype on her iPad at the back top of the house with no problems...all the while the Mrs is surfing and I'm streaming HD [emoji4][emoji106]

Oh yes, here's a speed test result off my iphone5 using the SH2. I pretty much get this all round the house



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I had an old 500gb one for years that worked well. That blew up and I went for the new style 2TB one and it was not reliable, kept dropping out. Got it swapped out for another and it was just as bad. Spent a log time with apple support trying to diagnose/fix the problem but no joy so got a full refund. So currently my iMac is backed up via Time Machine to my NAS and my Macbook to a WD 1tb - this has been running reliably for months now (fingers crossed)


Thanks for all this; sounds like I'm best sticking with what I've got!

We get a stead 109Mbps with the SH2 download, but upload is always low, averaging 7Mbps, if we're lucky!

I've spoken to Virgin about this before, they've just said that's the way it is! Not even 10%... Bit poor in my opinion

I've no issues really with my set-up, but always interested if I can better it!

I only really back up my essential docs, the rest is either in the Backblaze cloud, or iTunes is all via Match etc...


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I have two Apple Time Capsules now for a few years - for me, they have been a god send. Absolutely rock solid performance, very easy to set up & in all the time I have had them, never had even a single reliability issue - they just keep going.

I love the fact that they are so simple to operate & once set-up, you can simply forget about them knowing that your data will be backed up every hour without any further input - this has saved me a number of times.



Well my current TM is faultless and backs-up without any issues and automatically... That's not my concern really (although it'd be nice to have a quieter external HDD and a USB port back etc)!


Just to add I'm very pleased with the TC I installed and I extended the network with an Extreme and it's fine.
The only problem I've had is if on a backup the wifi fails due to a drop like a power cut and that seems to confuse the TC and you end up doing a new backup. Happened twice so far but apart from that it's been very good.

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