Apple 24" Cinema Display with LED backlight


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Argh a mini DisplayPort. :(

Indeed, terrible decision. Let's just hope that they have a basic cable option with mini-DisplayPort to proper DisplayPort.

If it turns out to be a quality IPS panel & the cable adaptor is cheap then mini DisplayPort shouldn't be a deal breaker.


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Finally a LED backlit monitor that is in the 'affordable' range.
Though I thought it'd be a little cheaper than that seeing their US price is $900

Hm I didn't know their connector is propriety. That's silly.

I have never owned an Apple product before. If this monitor uses S/H-IPS panel I will be getting it for sure. I have a 2005FPW Dell monitor, it was superb back then with IPS panel. I won't use any other panel type, not even S-PVA.

It's unfortunate Dell 2408WFP is not an IPS panel. S-PVA is cheaper but response time is worse than IPS. There is not many IPS panels in 24" market . HP recently announced one HP LP2475W but it is not without flaws.
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I have seen them in the 'flesh' in Las Vegas this week (along with the Sony OLED 11" incidentally)
Speaking to the apple store reps they expect that Apple will receive some form of adapter for DVI.connections.
The new display is Very nice, sharp etc but difficult to compare in store.

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