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Append your name below if you have Live pause problems since the update

Sid and Coke

Standard Member
As the thread suggests, if your Sky+ plus box seems to be playing up after the recent software update , specifically a problem with your live pause, can you add your name to this thread. The Girly on Sky+ tech support recently tried to insult me by suggesting (tonight ) that this is the first she'd heard of it.

There are plenty of other threads to discuss possible fixes etc this thread is just a simple list of names, I'll start the ball rolling;


Well-known Member
Me three :D


Active Member
Oh yes !!



Active Member
me too


Well-known Member
also having problem


Me too - but it went away when I did a planner rebuild (cos I'd lost some space prior to the upgrade but not got round to sorting it till afterwards).

Boy Lex

I did - seems fine now...

Unplugging and switching back on seemed to cure for a day but problem came back... Did a forced update over a week ago and its been fine since.

Mr Incredible

Distinguished Member
Me too. Fixed it though. FOr now. Must try the suggestion that the problem is linked to pausing a DD film on Sky Movies.


Active Member
Haven't watched a movie since the upgrade and I've had it twice (reboot to temp fix)

Cynthia 7

Had loads of other problems since the update and now today the live pause is not working.


Novice Member
Add one more ... Live pause, Intermittent Failed recordings and seemingly random PIN requests for playing recordings.

If this group is anything to go by then there is a very widespread problem. I wonder if Sky will pull their finger out for a change.


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