appalling Pipex/bullldog/talk talk experience, you should avoid


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So, went LLU with bulldog home years ago, great.
(except for a email address that sounded like I was a BNP member).

bought by pipex, things started to get confusing.
whenever you rang them, they never had the right access to the right system, I ended up have dozens of passwords to dozens of customer service systems..

bought by talk talk, tried to cancel pipex due to the high cost £40pm
they agreed to cut my charge to £20pm.
12 months later realised they hadn't changed it. took 6 calls and 3 months to get the difference back.

once I did I tried to cancel with them
apart from not qualifying for a mac code, they did let me move away.

now, a final demand for the outstanding £100 balance.
never got the first demand, no idea what the £100 is for, and ringing them, they can't tell me.

and of course, all of this you can only ring them at 10p per min, I've written, emailed and logged cases online, they never answer.

I bet the £100 outstanding is for the phone I used to ring them to complain, so you can imagine where they can stick that.

anyway, the main reason for this tirade is if you're on bulldog, pipex, or one of the other ISPs TT has bought, be prepared for a nightmare if you hope to change package or provider.

the reason is I believe they are not investing sufficiently to integrate/consolidate OSS and BSS (operational and billing systems) of each ISP, as a result, whenever you speak to them, whatever you agree with them, means nothing as their computer systems will think otherwise.

expect the worst, double the time you think it will take to change, so at least you won't be shocked and surprised..

hope this helps...:(


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the reason is I believe they are not investing sufficiently to integrate/consolidate OSS and BSS (operational and billing systems) of each ISP,
The integration of disparate billing systems has always been difficult. In my opinion (having been in the trade), some companies just don't take it seriously enough when they merge/take over.


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yeah, don't like watchdog, but did see that particualr one.

beerhunter, totally agree. talktalk can afford to buy ISPs because they don't spend the money to sort out the systems of the ones they've already bought.

hence this thread really, just wanted to flag to readers that when you receive an letter from your ISP saying that it is merging with another, take that as a warning sign.

ironically, I wasn't even told taht talk talk had bought pipex, just got forwarded to a TT account login page, which of course would not allow me to logon.


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hmm, I'm still with AOL (yes I know) and have finally had enough and wish to switch to either BT Infinity or Virgin and this processing of leaving does sound daunting!

wish me luck! :rolleyes:

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