hi guys,i'm really sorry if this isn't the place to ask,but i have a few questions.i do believe in looking around and finding things out for yourself but i just seem to come to a dead end when looking.

basically i have some ultra simple questions about camcorders.i've never had one but for the amount of money i spend getting photo's developed i might as well buy one for going on holiday.i was looking at the Sony DCR-TRV140 as i don't want anything fancy just something that does a quality simple job.

firstly,i understand this is a digital 8 camcorder?that's just a format isn't it?not quite sure except it's not backwards compatible which shouldn't matter to me.

secondly,the battery,do you get one supplied as i see to buy one it's around £55?is the one i get with it rechargable?as i see you only get about 2 hours of usage out of it?you absoutely would need something that recharges wouldn't you?

thirdly,i realise you need to get tapes for it.now i see that you record onto these tapes.....but how do i get my footage on to normal vcr cassette tapes?i have a vcr that has a scart and rf lead.do i need phono or svid sockets?

thanks in advance for any help and again apolgies if this isn't an appropriate place to post.it's just we're off in 10 days and i would love to get a camcorder before then.



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hi there!
although i dont have a digital 8 cam, im aware that they're good for the camcorder 1st timer, so it seems ideal 4 u

i thought that digital 8's enabled u 2 play analogue tapes in them, but 2 b honest, u wudn't realy want 2. )analogue isn't as good quality)

as 4 batteries, the one provided is rechargable, but 2 make sure that ur not gonna be bothered about it running out, its best to have at least 1 spare- once uve bought it, thats it. esp if u use the lcd screen, as this takes up battery power.

as 4 putting it on 2 tape, the cables provided w/ camcorder are all u need- u'll probably get a scart adapter 4 beter picture quality, then connect it up, press play on the cam, make sure there's a blank cassette in vcr, +press play. as ez as that.
i think that digital [email protected] allow u to edit w/a pc whick is far beter, but that may be 4 later!!

hope this helps!



Don't get a digital 8 camcorder. The system is obsolete and you'll be kicking yourself later. Get a proper DV cam. Any decent DV cam will have analog outs which you wil be able to plug into your VCR and record out onto standard VCR tapes. If you want to take still photo's, then get a DV cam that has removable media cards to record them onto. (Like Sony's memory stick, or Panasonic's SD card). DV is also better for editing if you have a PC. You can plug your camera into a firewire card and go to town. (Add music tracks, commentary, titles etc).

Grab an extra battery as you don;t want your camera to stop running just seconds before that "perfect" scene.

Make sure you have a play with any model you want to buy and see how it feels in your hands. See where the controls are laid out and how easy they are to use.

Good luck and above all have fun.

Chris'kiwiranger' Parke

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