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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 31st December 2011.
Had this film been more like just a straight horror-version of Apollo 13, it might have proven more successful: the increasingly desperate attempts of a space crew to get home always prove suitably tense and dramatic, particularly with characters that you actually care about. Unfortunately, you simply don’t care about the characters in this movie – whilst the filmmakers probably thought that the whole ‘found footage’ approach was a unique selling point for the production, unfortunately it’s neither unique nor particularly conducive to character development. Fatally flawed, there’s little of worth to be found in this low budget feature, other than in a SyFy-channel movie kind of way.

On Region B locked UK Blu-ray we get video and audio in line with the found-footage style of the production, as well as a few extras which hardcore fans will be pleased with, but this release is only a recommended purchase to those few who actually love the movie for some inexplicable reason, everybody else should steer clear until it pops up on TV. Below average.

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Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
Oh dear...

Is this your lowest movie score Cas?
Lol, think I might have given a couple of Jennifer Aniston/Lopez movies a similar mark, or even lower at 2/10 (e.g. The Back Up Plan), but I don't think I've gone below that.

Red Riding Hood got 3/10, so did The Fourth Kind (a similar 'found footage' style horror, with Milla Jovovich).

I reviewed a disappointing French film starring Vincent Cassel, called Our Day Will Come and gave that a 2/10.

Oh and I gave that MASSIVE flop How Do You Know, with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson a well-deserved 2/10 too. How they spent hundreds of millions of dollars making that movie I'll never know. Perhaps it was Jack Nicholson's salary.

Suffice to say, Apollo 18 is down there at the lower end of my review score spectrum!
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