Apocalypto BoxOffice HD


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I'm sorry Sky but one of us just isn't getting the full HD experience.

I purchased this movie as it was described as a feast for the eyes. ....
Well, the trees looked nice but other than that I don't know. Maybe I have set my standards too high by watching the BBC HD rolling preview....

Did anyone else see this movie and think that the picture quality was less than HD?



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Apocalypto is one of the best HDM discs hands down. Assuming the same master, it should look excellent on Sky.


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I gave up on the BoxOffice HD channels months ago.

I had hoped the bitrates would have improved since then, but apparently not.

I can't check because they seem to have disappeared from the Linowsat listings.



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Got a freeby through the post for 2 films, recorded apocalypto, only used 4%.That may explain why it looks rubbish.

I find it a shocking concern that the SBO HD movies that customers pay for have very poor bit rates, thaey should be showcase quality especially being new films that are paid per view,

Depressing indeed....


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SBO1HD is in the 18-19Mbit/s range 24/7 now. SBO2 will vary dramatically unless you're recording/watching between 3 and 8am. In other words, don't bother with SBO2.


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I was going to record this tonight, but if you say HD2 is rubbish I won't....
It's on again on wednesday morning at 1am ish. What might that look like? Would it be better?
I was going to watch it with some chums on Wednesday evening, but it doesn't start until 10pm on HD1 - quite late really if I have to go to work the next morning, hence I was planning to record it!

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