Apex DVD Player Problems


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I have a two year old Apex ADV-3800 VCR/DVD combo. The other day I lost video output from the DVD player. The tape player works normally. On the DVD side no picture. I don't even get the Apex screen, it's just black as if the RCA video connection had been unplugged. However the tape player shares the same cables which work OK. From the Display Window on the front you can see a DVD load normally. I hit play and it plays but sound only. Everything else appears to function normally. I hooked it directly to the TV with a S Video cable and still no picture.
1. Has the laser read head failed?
2. If so, why am I still getting sound (though it was all or nothing)?
3. Since the minimum charge at a repair shop would half to two thirds the cost of a new unit, is there any do it yourself repair possible?
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