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Just bought a copy of Aperture, was impressed with it enough in the demo to pay cash for it.

Quick question, can I import everthing image wise on my iMac into the Aperture domain, that is images in iPhoto, Adobe Bridge, the previous Aperture trials and a Lightroom trial that I did a while back so that all my images are in one spot ?


Yes. You can choose to have either a referenced library or a managed library. In a referenced library all images are external to Aperture and other applications can see them and use them but when you back up in Aperture, the images themselves aren't backed up just your meta data info, catalogues etc etc.

In a managed library Aperture takes complete control and copies all your images into it's library so when you back up in Aperture, everything is backed up in it's entirety. The disadvantage to this is that if you want other applications to see your photos you either have to have a second copy of all your photos outside of Aperture (thus doubling the required disc space) or you have to export a photo from Aperture first.

Which you go for is largely a personal choice, I personally go with a referenced one because I already had my photos organised in the way I wanted on a hard drive before I bought Aperture. The only thing you can't do is to get Aperture to import any photos that you've made changes to in Lightroom but not exported i.e. Aperture can't read Lightroom's library, you would have to export any photo from Lightroom first with any changes you've made to it as a TIFF file (or jpeg) and then import that into Aperture along with the original RAW file.



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also worth noting that you can see your iphoto library from within aperture and vice versa. so say for example you want to create an iphoto calendar with photos that are in aperture, you can view the aperture library and can import from within iphoto itself.

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