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Firstly, I'm not interested in playing the devil's advocate or starting a slanging match.
Is there anyone else here like me who genuinely thought The Phantom Menace was better than Attack of the Clones ??


Hard to say, as AOTC is so new.

I thought TPM was so-so on first viewing, but have grown to really like it.

As for AOTC, I loved it on first viewing, and, so far, still do. Does not mean to say I will still love it in a few years time...


Yep, I thought TPM was better than AOTC. But only in the same way I think having your teeth pulled out without anaesthetic is preferable to having them drilled without anaesthetic.

Let's face it; Lucas isn't interested in making movies anymore, he's just interested in producing two-hour toy commercials.

Just look at 'Empire Strikes Back' and compare it to all that followed.


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i actually think episode1 and 2 are pretty crap. the effects are outstanding and worth watching, but nothing compares to The Empire Strikes Back!

Rambo John J

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It's not surprising ESB was better than the other Star wars films, it's the one Mr Lucas had the least involvement in. He never wrote the script and he never directed it, no bad thing in my opinion. Although all the SW films are popcorn nonsense, ESB has real substance and what come the closest to "decent" performances.
I don't honestly think George has it in him to be able to create a tone as dark as in ESB.


they are both crap. i`ve seen better developed characters and storylines in tv commercials.
he should have left well enough alone with the original trilogy. it`s like comparing chalk and cheese when comparing 4,5, and 6 with 1 and 2.
just my opinion


Separated at Birth: George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry. Consider the following:

1. Both created the two most successful Science Fiction franchises ever.

2. The projects that made their names, 'Star Wars: A New Hope' / 'Star Trek: The Cage' were both highly derivative of other people's work.

3. Both surrounded themselves with highly creative people with more talent and imagination than themselves, and consequently their initial concepts were bettered by other hands. In Roddenberry's case twice, with 'ST' and 'ST:TNG'.

4. Anytime they had close personal involvement with their respective offspring it tended to spell disaster. Episodes 1 & 2 for Lucas and any 'Star Trek' episode written by Roddenberry (not forgetting the lousy opening seasons of 'ST:TNG' while he held the 'creative' reins).

5. Since the initial inception of their creations there has been a certain amount of historical revisionism at work by their respective camps, in order to 'mytholigize' a body of work which at its best is entertaining, and at its worst is mind numbingly banal.

Granted this has not been so great on Lucas' part as on Roddenberry's. The cult of personality that has been encouraged and developed by the man himself, his estate, Paramount and the terrifying gestalt that is 'Star Trek' fandom, would put the Nazi propoganda machine of WWII in the shade for its sheer effectiveness.

6. Both creations have engendered such slavering devotion and seemingly endless revenues, that the keepers of the respective flames live in abject fear of screwing with the formula for fear of killing the golden goose.

Plainly put, short of a miracle, future incarnations of both franchises will continue ploughing the same mundane, predictable furrow so long as the fan-boys and girls continue forking out for every tacky piece of product connected to their beloved yawn-inducers.

7. Both have reduced the imaginative sweep, daring and vision of the Science Fiction genre to a series of soap-operatic cliches.

Want to experience real Science Fiction? Read a book.


nice post ;)

I think TPM is as good if not better than AOTC

However, Episodes 4 & 5 will never be bettered in my opinion.
I really hope Episode 3 comes along and totally redeems Lucas' VERY lame prequel efforts.


I think George has lost himself up his own arse alot of the time. The directing of the actors in principle photography should be done by some one else in my opinion. George seems less interested in this part of film making these days and skips along ASAP to get to the easy bit where he sits on his ass and every one else busts their asses off trying to meet his approval. Thats where hes at his best and does bring out the best of others. If I was GL Id employ Randall Wallace (BraveHeart/Pearl Harbour/WeWereSoldiers) to write a decent screenplay based on Georges story. Then get Ridley Scott to direct although I can see a clash of personalities here. When you add the special effects and thye score youd end up with one hell of a movie that could and should be better than ESB.


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However, I personally rate AOTC as the 2nd best SW movie for one simple reason; Jango Fett. Sure, it's annoying how early and easily he gets killed off (and where did his head go?), but his duel with OB1 and the Slave 1 asteroid sequence are amongst the most thrilling in the saga.

The unbelievably bad bits are Anakin's Oedipus/homoerotic nightmare, Amidala's instant recovery on the sand dune, the contrived way a rake of claws bares her midriff, but in a PG way, and worst of all the Amazing Flying Artoo (does he lose this ability along with his memory at the end of Ep 3?!).

And how can anybody watch the ridiculous droid factory sequence without laughing after watching Galaxy Quest? Hasn't George seen that movie?

I still love the movie despite the above, and knowledge of its impending dvd release was my main motivation for spending over a million pennies on a projector and screen.


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Originally posted by BadAss
If I was GL Id employ Randall Wallace (BraveHeart/Pearl Harbour/WeWereSoldiers) to write a decent screenplay

I didn't like Braveheart much ( I am English I suppose ) but the screenplay for Pearl Harbour was embarrasingly awful. AOTC is Citizen Kane compared to that.


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I think AOTC was better than TPM, simply because its alot ''darker'', and i cant wait for ''Rise of the Empire'', 'cos its going to be the darkest SW ever.

At the end of the day they are Starwars, and as long as they are called ''Starwars'' i will love them.


Originally posted by ytgti At the end of the day they are Starwars, and as long as they are called ''Starwars'' i will love them.

And that's exactly why Lucas will keep on churning out the same tired crap.


Both of the prequels could have been so much better than what they are. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Star Wars and did my best to enjoy the movies without being overly critical , but when you compare to what was...

George tells us that for the earlier films technology didn't allow him to realise his true vision of what Star Wars should have been. Thank God!! I say.

One minor quibble, I dont mind CGI, CGI has its place, too much CGI spoils the films, for me at least, its about the fact that you can't fool the human eye.

As an eaxample, how much would it have cost GL to actually put actors in costumes, even just a handfull of actors, I'm refering to the fact that all the clones were 'clones'. Even the ones in the close up shots eg where Amidala falls out onto the dunes and a clone arrives to see if she's alright, he's CGI.

The lack of realism spoils these films for me. I know its a fantasy saga!! But in the original films you actually felt that in a galaxy far, far away..... these events took place!!!

In the original films the sets were real, the actors were real, the models were real, which in turn made everything believable.

YOU CAN'T FOOL THE HUMAN EYE!!!! (most of the time.)



Hear Hear! Well said......

The CGI is being used to TRY and compensate for a lame ass story.
The prequels should've been so much better.

Lets hope Episode 3 Kicks some serious ass now that the 'Kiddie' and 'Love Story' parts are out of the way.


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AOTC is better than TPM (would be impossible not to be).

They're both 'ok' Star Wars episodes but as movies in their own right I'd put them up there in the 'straight to rental' market.

As has been pointed out already, the only decent thing that Lucas has done (other than create the SW universe) is Indiana Jones... and that he did with Spielberg so where do we think the credit lies for that...

If Lucas really wanted to create GREAT movies, he should make himself 'Creative Producer' and hand the directors mantle to someone else, anyone else, PLEASE!

el bandido

TPM was awful....

AOTC was bearable, although I can't get excited about a pretty irrelevant bounty hunter being in a film. Yoda was good though. And the dialogue was worse than home & away...

If you want decent epic / fantasy films these days - watch lord of the rings

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