AOTC CGI not as good as Episode 1?



In my opinion, some of the CGI in Episode 2 looks pretty bad.
Overall I think Episode 1 looks a much more polished film.

I'm mainly talking about the arena scene in Episode 2, it is a complete joke and makes me cringe everytime I see it. All of the characters look like paper cutouts. However everything else looks pretty cool.

I hope Mr.Lucas is willing to hire more CGI staff for Episode 3. That Arena Scene needed A LOT more work.


The whole film itself is dire,not just the CGI.
All I can say in its defence is everyone should film in digital,the picture quality is amazing in my opinion.
And yes I did buy the film,well it is Star Wars isn't it!


I guess that is the trouble with that arena scene. The digital picture shows up all the inconsistencies with the CGI.......

Some of the acting is very bad, but I guess that is down to the script????

My favourite line
"A perimeter around the survivors create!"



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Originally posted by Jpfahy
My favourite line
"A perimeter around the survivors create!"


For me, it's those bits of dialogue that make me cringe (despite my liking of all things SW related. In particular, lines such as "This party's over" and "Start your engines" distract from the creative endeavours of creating new languages.

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Watching Eps 1 and 2 one after the other, I wouldn't agree with the cgi being better in TPM at all. Both have a cartoonish look but the fabrics and textures in AOTC have a much more natural look to them, backgrounds are improved aswell, I thought.

Dialogue's never been Georges strong point. It's a good thing he has the visuals to detract from the words


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Personally I think the CGI in both films is turd as well as the so called Special Editions.

One of the ships in Phantom Menace that lands looks like an item of cutlery for serving cake. It also appeared in Attack Of The Clones.

yes the dialogue is awful. I believe what it wrong with the new films can be blamed on one person and it is not Lucas.

I blame Rick McCallum he is so dire. George should never have sacked Gary Kurtz after Empire. That guy really held the films togather.

Perhaps this could be a new thread...


just projecting this now, the cgi isnt helped by the very very clean image, far cleaner than the cinema

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