Aorus G15 XB - rebuilt using website drivers, battery life useless

Monty Burns

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Hey guys!

So, i've recently rebuilt my laptop (G15 XB) using the official drivers which are finally available. However, with the minimum of apps installed (identical to pre-rebuild) by battery life is only about 30% of what it was prior to the wipe! I'm getting 2 hours now instead of 6+.

As stated, drivers are all the latest and greatest. I've set the AI to Battery Saving and set the windows battery icon to Battery Saver. I'm also doing the usual things like running on minimal brightness. I've even tried using Nvidia control panel to use only the Intel APU gfx.

I've gone through the various startup places and got rid of all updaters/launchers etc.

If I look in Task Manager all the apps are draining as very low in the power column. I've also tweaked the power plan to set battery to maximise battery in there wherever it applies. Just for the hell of it I've even reset the BIOS to factory default.

There is clearly something wrong but, I'm at a loss where to look now. Any thoughts, please?

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