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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by zackski01, Jan 18, 2008.

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    i have aol 9.0 and a bt voyager 105 modem. i have had problems connecting to xbox live. i try to sign in and it says DNS failed. i have called xbox customer support and they did not help.

    i was told that aol could not connect to xbox live but my friend has aol and xbox. He has wirless AOL 9.0 and a router. i was thinking about upgrading to wirless aol 9.0 and getting the free £50 router you get with it. i was wondering if anyone else has got this deal and could tell me if it worked with aol 9.0.

    message me back!
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    I had this problem when i wanted to go on live about a year ago. I dont know if it can be done without a router so i got the Netgear router free from aol and it has worked well ever since. Had problems at first getting disconnected but i changed the channel on the the router (to 13 i think?) and have had reliable service ever since.

    I had help off a guy on here called shadowmanuk and he has a website called but i havnt seen him on here for ages.

    Its frustrating calling up aol or xbox when youre having problems with connection because as soon as you mention aol to xbox or xboe to aol they arent interested. They dont support each other due to a fall out some time ago apparently.

    But get the free netgear and buy an official wireless adapter and you should have no problems. :smashin:

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